Felice D’Amico

Felice D'Amico Football Manager 2018

Felice D’Amico is one of Italy’s many wonderkids in FM18. He has a large potential, but how good will he develop over 10 years in the game?

Name: Felice D’Amico
Nationality: Italy
Age: 16 (22/08/2000)
Height: 180 cm
 75 kg

Club: Palermo / Inter
Contract: 30/06/2021
Position: D (C), DM
Value: £ 180k / € 200k
Est. Cost: £ 600k / € 650k

Transfer information
To determine Felice D’Amico’s transfer value, it will all depend on what Inter want. They have a optional buy clause at the end of the first season (575k). If they decide to activate it, D’Amico will be a difficult player to acquire. But in our scout save the Nerazzurri never activated the clause.

He went back to Palermo and from there on he was loaned out to teams in the Serie B, before being a first team player at Palermo. After one season in their first team, Tottenham Hotspur signed D’Amico for a 19M fee. So, D’Amico’s expected fee will vary each game. If he returns to Palermo, you should be able to get him for 5-10M after the first season.

Felice D’Amico has the ability to do the unexpected, which makes him a dangerous attacking player. He is natural in more than one position and he can play on either flank or in the middle of the pitch. He has a light-hearted and jovial personality, but will be prepared to work hard to achieve his goals. D’Amico is considered to be a quick player and he is a really creative player.

One of his big cons is the fact he is considered to be a selfish player. Make sure to tutor him with an experienced play maker who loves to pass instead of making runs on his own. Other attributes he will need to develop are all in the mental side of his profile. Not to unexpected for a 16-year-old, so appoint a tutor to develop attributes like Composure, Decisions, Concentration, Off the ball, Teamwork and vision.

1. Felice D’Amico – 2017

Felice D’Amico – 2017 – Palermo

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2. Felice D’Amico – 2022

Felice D’Amico – 2022 – Palermo

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3. Felice D’Amico – 2027

Felice D’Amico – 2027 – Palermo

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