Federico Chiesa

Personal Information

Name: Federico Chiesa
Nationality: Italy
Age: 20 (25/10/1997)
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Foot: Right
Position: Left Winger / Right Winger

Player Information

Club: Fiorentina
Contract: 30/06/2023
Value: £25M / €28M
Est. Cost: £63M / €68M
Wages p/w: £4k / €4.8k
Rel. Clause: None
Squad Status: Key Player

Is natural in a several positions, Spirited individual, Possesses great pace, Movement off the ball makes him a constant thorn in the side for defenders, Currently operating at Serie A level, Fairly consistent performer, Considered a technical player.
Inability to leap off the ground makes the player a vulnerable target in the air, Chiesa is finding it hard to adept into the core group of the club.

Player Profiles


Federico Chiesa 2018


Federico Chiesa 2028



Federico Chiesa is a wonderkid of the highest standard in Football Manager. He is already considered as one of the stars in the Serie A and he can only become better. Chiesa is a must sign if you want to create a dominant team in FM19.


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