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FC Bayern 4-2-3-1

Play like Bayern Munich in Football Manager 2017. This is the FC Bayern 4-2-3-1, A creative and possession based tactic to dominate games. This formation will have your team create a lot of chances and focuses on attacking from the flanks.

Overlapping full backs form a very important position in this tactic. They are considered to be vital in order to win trophies. At FC Bayern David Alaba and Philipp Lahm are the best options to use and you will have to look for similar players to make this tactic a success.


In this tactic both wingers will play in an Inside Forward role. At Bayern these positions are filled by Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery, who both like to cut inside. Behind your Complete Forward, you have an Advanced Playmaker, who will be looking for gaps to send through passes.

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  1. Just used this formation for Liverpool, I was using a similar version of the tactic but hadn’t been performing enough in the attack. First game with this tactic I smashed Man City 5 nil.

    Seems good covers most areas of the pitch, just wary about my defence being caught using the offside trap but I have quite a bit of pace there so lets hope they can cope!

    Thanks for the tactic 🙂


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