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How to end that Football Manager slump

It is that time of year again and no we are not talking about Christmas. It is that time you are eagerly waiting on the new Football Manager, which is only a couple of months/weeks/days away.  You are at a point where you have seen it all and are totally fed up with the version you have in front of you today.

Needless to say: you are in a Football Manager slump my friend.

And this article will show you how to get out of that slump, or at least what I usually do when I don’t feel like playing anymore.

Tip 1: Watch videos of awesome games and finals

One thing that always gets me hyped to play Football Manager or FIFA is watching games from the past. Games like the 1999 Champions League final between Manchester United and Bayern, or the Dutch national side reaching the final at the 2010 World Cup. Watching videos like that on YouTube always gets me hyped up again to get back into playing and achieve great things too.

Tip 2: Check out blogs and FM-related video’s

Go check out the many different websites that offer Football Manager content. The Football Manager community truly is amazing and has some awesome bloggers and video creators.

To be honest: I am sometimes a bit jealous of these guys with their determination to keep on going and keep on playing the game for the entire year.

Tip 3: Relive old games you played

Remember that one game from Football Manager 2010, 2012 or even 2008? For those of you who have been playing the game for a long time, there will always be that one game or that one player you still think about when looking back at your Football Manager history.

One game that still is on my mind is my first Journeyman game with Football Manager 2010. Starting unemployed and making my way up the ranks, passing through clubs like Nike from Sweden, Freamunde from Portugal, Boca Juniors from Argentina ending at Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund. I finished that game with winning the Champions League and a season later winning the World cup with Brazil.

If I think back about that game I still get goosebumps. What a game that was, what a career I had!

Tip 4: Write about your performances

Ok, we aren’t all writers like Stephen King, but writing down your performances in a blog or on a forum could give you that extra boost. Reactions from people, rising views could be the motivation you need to get back into the game.

Tip 5: Get out of your comfort zone

People tend to pick clubs and games from leagues they know, or even their favorite clubs. But we can all agree that doing the same thing over and over again becomes boring as hell. So why don’t you pick a game or club you wouldn’t normally pick. Try a game in Asia or the Major League in the USA. Get to know different rules, buy different players and win different trophies.

Or for the die-hards: try playing a journeyman save! Starting unemployed without any badges will get you to manage clubs in countries you never thought they even played football in! You can download a wide range of leagues in our Download section to expand the database and discover new leagues.

You could also give Lower League Management a go. Nothing works better for a new challenge then to go down the ladder and to create a dynasty! LLM differs very much from managing in the top leagues. Money is much more important and you will need to rely on your own judging abilities as your scouts and other members of the backroom staff are mostly crap.

Read our Ultimate Lower League Management Guide to get started today!

Tip 6: Try a challenge

Just like we said in tip 5; you have been playing the same saves over and over again and off course you will be getting bored. A great way to get you firing again is taking up a challenge.

  • The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge
  • the Pentagon Challenge
  • the Youth Challenge
  • the Alphabet challenge

These are just a few of many cool challenges you could be trying to get back into the game. Not sure which one to pick? We have a few Football Manager challenges lined up for you to try.

Tip 7: Set challenging goals

Starting a new save, picking a club and playing a season is pretty much the standard everybody uses in Football Manager. But what if you set some goals for yourself to make the game more interesting?

For example:

  • only buy players under the age of 20
  • buy players from the nation you manage in
  • Use players from your club’s youth academy

Tip 8: Download an Update

Our Database maestro Richard has been working his ass of in recent weeks to get you the best possible Football Manager database you can find.

This database is fully updated for the summer and contains the entire 2018/2019 format. Transfers, leagues and many more is updated! Want to try it? Find it in our download area!

We truly hope this article we get you back into Football Manager 2018. What do you do to end a slump in Football Manager? We would love to get some feedback from you guys!



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