DF11 Base Skins 2019




The DF11 Base Skins are 3 custom skins with DF11 panels to display faces in large size. Easy on the eyes boxes to use with the DF11 Facepack and that is not it! An instant result button included in the skins as well!

Download the DF11 Base Skins 2019

This pack contains the 3 DF11 Base skins: Dark, Light & Default. All skins have several extras that are not in the original base skins for Football Manager 2019. The 3 base skins are modified for use with the DF11 faces Megapack & Updates but might work for other facepacks too.

Take note this is the 1st version of these skins, An update will be created for the skins if this is necessary.

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V2: 31 October 2018

– Fixed background problem for inbox & scouting.
(This problem appeared after the latest FM2019 update and is fixed by Ramoscu)

V2.1: 31 October 2018

– Fixed scouting report ‘star icons’.

Overview & Credits

This download is shared from the original post with permission.

  • DF11Faces.com
  • Panels (Pikawa)
  • DF11 defaut faces
  • Instant result button (Wannachup)
  • Dark/Default Inbox-Calendar-Scouting boxes (Ramoscu)
  • Basic panels (Michael Murray)


How to use the DF11 Base skins 2019 in your copy of Football Manager 2019

  1. Download the file and use a tool like 7zip or Winrar to extract the items from the folder.
  2. Extract contents of the folder in the zipped file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\skins\
    If the graphics and/or faces folders don’t exist, you can create them.
  3. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface
    In the skin drop down you will be able to select the new skin.
  4. Hit confirm.
    If you did it correctly, a box will pop-up that says: Loading image data for the new skin.

For more installation instructions for skins please have a look at our special custom skin guide.

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