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DF11 Faces 2018 – Update 13!




DF11 2018 Facepack are serving the Football Manager community since 2010. They offer an unique large sized faces for usage in the popular game ‘Football Manager’ and have become one of the biggest facepacks in the Football Manager community.

The unique faces, quality and authentic design of DF11 do contribute to a even more realistic experience of the game.

All DF11 downloads, such as the megapack and updates, are completely free – for personal use – in Football Manager.

The DF11 2018 Facepack is compatible with FM2018, but also older versions of the game. And will also be compatible with Football Manager 2019, which will be released on November 2nd.

Full list with available DF11 Downloads:

Megapack (95.700 faces)Download
Update Pack 1 (2482 faces)Download
Update Pack 2 (2130 faces)Download
Update Pack 3 (1060 faces)Download
Update Pack 4 (3216 faces)Download
Update Pack 5 (3030 faces)Download
Update Pack 6 (3950 faces)Download
Update Pack 7 (2800 faces)Download
Update Pack 8 (3706 faces)Download
Update Pack 9 (3850 faces)Download
Update Pack 10 (2840 faces)Download
Update Pack 11 (2834 faces)Download
Update Pack 12 (3300 faces)Download
Update Pack 13 (4750 faces)Download
Default Pack (26 faces)Download
Icons Megapack (108.000 faces)Download

Example of the DF11 2018 Facepack

DF11 Facepack


Next to the DF11 Megapack and the Update packs, DF11 also offers multiple other add-ons for Football Manager 2019. Enhance your experience by adding the DF11 Default faces for players that have not been added to the DF11 2018 Facepack yet. This pack also covers backroom staf both male and female.

And don’t forget to download the DF11 ‘Icons’ Pack. A pack with 108.000 small faces to use in Football Manager.

Copyright & credits

All content shown on this page is property of DF11 Facepacks/DF11faces.com. and may only be shared with written permission from the original author ‘necjeff’.

Credits to ‘DF11 Graphics team’ for their enormous contribution to the development of DF11 Faces in general.

Current DF11 team members:
Spurs12345, Bingbangboem, marklf, Clowntje, Copywriter, Bm, Leonardo B, Haas67, Vilhena, Orthodox, Florian W, Vlad Ultras, explodingsheep, M. Stroe and necjeff.

Redistribution policy

Want to share this pack on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself, unless you have written permission from the authors. The files that have been shared on FMInside have been authorized by the authors of this download.

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  1. One of the standard must have addons. About 100,000 faces now and had no issues downloading from the torrents. If you get the mega pack make sure to get the monthly updates. Works great with all skins I’ve tried but would recommend the FLUT Skin or Dark skins. Make sure to install the icon pack as well so you get the little pics when looking through your sub menus. Instructions on his website were clear, and after doing the first one, the rest went like a breeze.


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