One of the more important changes in Football Manager 2017 is the introduction of two new backroom staff roles. The Sports Scientist and the Data Analyst have made their first appearance in the game. In this guide we will try to explain the duties of these new backroom staff members and we will show you what their tasks will be at your club.

*NOTE: Before we start this guide we would like to emphasize that neither the Sport Scientist nor the Data Analyst have any required attributes. Their duties are done through their presence alone.


The Data Analyst provides a pre and post match news item in your inbox and that contains some analysis information. This news item has various tabs across the top, where you can access things such as heat maps, passing analysis and mistakes made by your team.


In a pre-game report a Data Analyst will give you a report on various areas of your next opponent:

  • Expected formation.
  • Key players.
  • Injured or suspended players.
  • Tactical information.

The inbox message can be compared with the ‘Next Opposition’ Scout Report, but this one is more extensive.

If you don’t have a Data Analyst, your scouts will be sending the pre-game reports.


The sports scientist is a member of the medical staff and he will be assisting your physio’s. His most important job is to stop the frequency of certain types of injuries and they will help with players recovery.

If there were some attributes that would determine the quality of a Sports Scientist, we think it would be:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Determination
  • Motivation
  • Discipline


For both backroom staff roles you are also able to sign a Head. His job can be compared with the Chief Scout and Chief Physiotherapy, but they don’t have any extra value.

There are no reported attributes that these guys need, but we expect the Man Management attribute would be a good thing for them to have. The chief  has to lead the department, so he has to be able to communicate with his employees.