Data Analyst and Sports Scientist

One of the more important changes in Football Manager 2017 is the introduction of new backroom staff roles; the Sports Scientist and the Data Analyst. In this guide we will try to explain the duties these new members of your backroom staff will have and what they can do for you during the season.

Before we start we would like to emphasize that Neither Sport Scientist nor Data Analyst have any required attributes. Their duties are fulfilled through their presence alone.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is part of your scouting team and will help you with the performances of your team. He will send you pre-game reports about your next opponent and will create postgame match reports. During the pre-game report the Data Analyst will report on the expected formation, key players and some useful tactical information about your opponent. This inbox message can be compared with the ‘Next Opposition’ Scout Report.

data analyst profile

If you don’t have a Data Analyst, your scouting team will be responsible for sending you the pre-game reports. The reports the Data Analyst will create – especially the ones he will send you postgame – are more extensive and will also contain statistics.

If there were some attributes that would determine the quality of the Data Analyst it would be Tactical Knowledge, Judging Player Ability, Adaptability.

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Sports scientist

The Sports Scientist is part of your medical staff and will assist your physio’s in keeping your players as fit during the season. When a player is injured, the Sports Scientist will be responsible for the recovery. He will send you inbox messages about the players recovery. If you don’t have a Sports Scientist, the Physio’s at your club will be made responsible for the recovery of your injured players.

If there were some attributes that would determine the quality of the Sports Scientist it would be Physiotherapy, Determination, Motivation and Discipline.

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Chief analyst & chief scientist

For both new backroom staff roles you are also able to assign a Head of the department, comparable with the Chief Scout and Chief Physiotherapy. There are no reported attributes that these staff roles need, but we expect the Man Management attribute could have an effect on the performances.


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