A wonder tactic! I have used this Counter Pressing tactic whilst playing a save with Bayer Leverkusen. In my first season I won the Bundesliga, the DFB pokal, and Champions League in the first season! I hope you enjoy it and give me some feedback!

Heeep! This Counter Pressing tactic is a 442 with high aggressive pressing. For this tactic to succeed you will need players with high workrate, team work, decisions and determination. Fast players with high aggressiveness are also very much advised for this tactic. And also; look for players with a good stamina and high natural fitness to keep on pressing during the full 90 minutes.

I have also pre-set some of the opposition instructions, which instruct your players to press hard on your opponent. If you have the players that match the needs, you will be winning the ball back in a matter of seconds. But be careful; when used with players without the needed skillset, your players could be running out of position a lot.