Champions League Skin

The Champions League skin for Football Manager 2019. This is a dark skin that has a lot of Champions League elements and graphics.

Download the Champions League Skin


  • Improved look of titlebar
  • Improved manager “home” screen with rotating images (kits/logo’s/fixtures)
  • Lots of bigger faces in screens
  • Attributes selectors on player overview panels (show attributes with/without boxes)
  • Bug fixes and tweaks for a better overall experience
  • Compatible with 19.2.1

And lots of other improvements/enhancements!

IMPORTANT: make sure you completely delete any earlier version and clean install the skin the skins folder. Overwriting the earlier skin versions can cause issues.

This skin is optimized for HD resolutions (resolution of 1920×1080 windowed and full screen), other resolutions are not supported though some testers found “zoom” 90-95% to work well with lower resolutions.

This skin wouldn’t have been possible without the work of:

Dasz8, Pikawa (CFM Skin), FLUT skin makers, Emil Debski (Vitrex skin (2016/2017), SirWill (Clinched Skin, 2017), OPZ, D_LO_, Wannachupbrew, Gunzo/FM Nation, Jovovich (Milla skin 2018), TheBantams/Rick Thorne (Andromeda skin).

Recommended (not included) for use with this skin are:

Facepack of your choice, Logo and kits packs, Cities megapack (showing city pictures in club screens), Stadium background packs.

There is a “README” included (text and more detailed word document) that will answer most of your questions, as the name says, please read the file prior to answering questions, your answer might be in there.

Please note that I will not be responding to requests for “technical support” if not bug related. Every year I get messages/PM’s asking how to change the look of some panels or asking for help on taking some of the panels out and plugging it into another skin. Of course I will resolve bugs and other issues with the skin.


Q: How can I change the look of the player attributes (boxes around) or can you help with some changes I would like to make to panels?

A: Please understand that it is impossible to follow up on every single request for “help”. This forum is a great place to look for solutions or personal preferences.

Q: Why are some of the screenshots different than the previous (BETA) screenshots?

A: Some screens were adjusted/improved and some of the screenshots shown earlier are from my personal version of the Champions League 2019 skin. I edited this skin for personal use and I’m willing to share that version one-on-one with people who support my work (PM me for more info or click on one of the banners in the “start screen” or “preferences” screen).

Q: Will there be future updates to this skin?

A: Yes, SI usually makes changes to their coding when releasing updates to the game and as a result issues will need to be resolved. This skin was tested by a team of BETA testers but it is impossible to create a skin that is 100% bug free, I will release updates when needed.

How to use the Champions League Skin in your copy of Football Manager 2019

  1. Download the file and use a tool like 7zip or Winrar to extract the items from the folder.
  2. Extract contents of the folder in the zipped file to:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\skins\
    If the graphics and/or faces folders don’t exist, you can create them.
  3. Run Football Manager and navigate to Preferences > Interface
    In the skin dropdown you will be able to select the new skin.
  4. Hit confirm.
    If you did it correctly, a box will pop-up that says: Loading image data for the new skin.

For more installation instructions for facepacks, logopacks and other graphics please have a look at our special custom skin guide.


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