Cengiz Under

Cengiz Under is a lovely player to have in Football Manager 2018. With the correct development, Under can be a very dangerous winger.

Name: Cengiz Under
Nationality: Turkey
Age: 20 (14/07/1997)
Height: 173 cm
 66 kg

Club: AS Roma
Contract: 30/06/2022
Position: AM (RL)
Value: £ 2.5M / € 2.75M
Est. Cost: £ 32.5M / € 36.75M

Transfer information
Cengiz Under is a new signing at AS Roma and the Italians are quite reluctant to let him go right away. He is considered to be a high potential player in Rome, so the club would want a high fee. And you also have to deal with Under himself. He is happy to have joined the Italian giants and does not want to leave right away.

But, as always; if you offer enough, they will accept. Roma will be happy to negotiate a transfer if you bid 32M. The player himself will demand a big wage rise and you could ask yourself if he is worth that kind of money…

Cengiz Under – 2017

Cengiz Under - 2017 - Football Manager 2018
Cengiz Under – 2017

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