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7 Dutch wonderkids to sign

Holland breathes football and has a special love for young talent. How is this represented in Football Manager 2018? We take a look at 7 Dutch wonderkids!

Football Manager 2018 Wonderkids

Here is our first list for the Football Manager 2018 Wonderkids! This list will be updated throughout the Football Manager 2018 season and we will be showing you the best and the biggest wonderkids that are available in the game!

Top 10 hidden gems in FM17

Every edition of Football Manager has its own set of Hidden gems: young and relatively unknown players. We picked our 10 favorites and put them on a list.

Top 10 Transferbudgets

Are you looking for a club with the highest transfer budgets? On this list you will find the 10 highest budgets in Football Manager 17.3.

Best Physios

Looking for some new physios in Football Manager 2017? This list shows you the 100 best physios in the game! Don’t wait, sign them now!

Best Scouts

If you like long term saves in Football Manager, a big scouting team is vital to find the best wonderkids. This list shows the best scouts in FM17.

Best coaches in FM17

Looking for the best coaches in Football Manager 2017? This list shows only the best of the best coaches who are available in the game.

Best FM17 Wonderkids

Looking for the best wonderkids in Football Manager 2017? This list shows only the best of the best young players available in the game.