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Are you looking for a Transfer update? At FMInside we offer the best Football Manager Data Updates to use with FM18 and other versions of the game.

Update your game with:

  • transfers,
  • managerial changes
  • kit color changes
  • new captains,
  • new wonderkids
  • and many more!


The FMInside Data Update is one of the best and most appreciated data updates in the Football Manager community. Our very own and exclusive update will be released every week and will contain the latest transfers from leagues all over the world! We don’t update the big leagues, but also look at the smaller leagues. If you are a fan of Lower League Management, the FMI Data Update is your best choice!

FMInside FM18 Data Update - Football Manager 2018 Transfer Update

FM18 Transfer Update Final version!

The FMInside FM18 Data Update! Our first update for the 2018/2019 season! All transfers and promotions/relegations are updated. Last update: 21/09/18

FM18 Leagues Pack by Claassen 263 updates! (18.3 compatible)

The well known league editor is back! Claassen will be creating new leagues that aren't in the standard database of Football Manager 2018. All updates compatible with Patch 18.3.
england level 22

FM2018 England leagues to lvl 22

Its is back and its bigger & better than ever! Unlock the English lower leagues down to level 22 and start a new FM18 save today!

Huge Database Addon for Football Manager 2018

Add roughly 4000 more players on your game with the huge database option when creating a new save game in Football Manager 2018.
FMInside FM18 Data Update submit

FMInside FM18 Data Update Submit

Did you spot a mistake in the Football Manager 2018 Beta? Then this is te place to tell! We aim to release our first update on nov 10th.

FMInside FM17 Transfer Update Final version

Fed up with playing the previous season in Football Manager 2017? Well then you will like this data update! The official FMInside Data Update will take your game into the future and into the 2017/2018 season!
real name fix

FMInside Real name fix

Tired of seeing the wrong club or competition names? This download will correct the names of all leagues, clubs and awards in Football Manager.

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