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FM18 Wonderkids 18.3 – DM added! 11/4/18

Wonderkids! This is the ultimate list with Football Manager 2018 Wonderkids! Over 400 different players made the list and all players are tipped as wonderkids for you to sign in FM18!

FM2018 Patch v18.3.0 now live!

Sports Interactive have released the long awaited winter patch. Transfers, bug fixes and stability issues have been fixed and will update your Football Manager 2018!

Football Manager 2018 Patch 18.2.0

Sports Interactive have released the first major update for Football Manager 2018. V18.2.0 is out now and will be available when you restart your version. 

Buy Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 was released on November 10th. Buy Football Manager 2018 through FMInside and you will be able to play right away!

FM18 essential downloads

You have just installed Football Manager 2018 and you want to add some more realism to the game. A list with essential downloads.

Football Manager 2018 Giveaway

Would you like to win a free copy of Football Manager 2018 and play on the release day? Then enter our giveaway competition! Read the article for more info.

5 Arsenal wonderkids to build on

If you are planning a long-term save with Arsenal, you should really keep a close eye on these players. This list shows 5 Arsenal wonderkids to build a future with.

Football Manager 2018 18.0.3 out now!

Sports Interactive have released a second patch for Football Manager 2018 BETA. The hotfix, which is called 18.0.3, will fix some crash issues and has multiple match engine improvements.

6 Ajax Wonderkids you need to sign

When it comes to developing their own youth, few teams in the world can compete with Ajax. In this article we will taking a look at 6 wonderkids you need to sign in FM18.

FM18 50 best players U21

Here is the first shortlist for Football Manager 2018. We have dove right into the game and found the 50 best players U21.

FM18 Features: Football Intelligence

SI have released their final feature video for Football Manager 2018. In this video they will be talking about the improvements on Football Intelligence.

FM18: New player roles explained

Football Manager 2018 will have 4 new player roles. In this article we will be taking a deeper look at these new roles and give you some examples of suitable players.

FM18 Features: Fantasy Draft

Fantasy Draft has returned for Football Manager 2018 with a slicker, cleaner look. The mode is loaded with more options for you to prove your ability.

FM18 Feature Video: Tactics

Feature video number 3 has been released by Sports Interactive today. This time it’s about the tactics area and we have found all the new features for you!

FM18 Feature video: Scouting

Sports Interactive has released a second feature video. After they showed us the new dynamics feature first, it is now time to look at the new scouting engine.

FM18 Feature Video: Dynamics

Sports Interactive have finally released their FM18 feature video, which shows a lot of the new dynamics feature in their latest game Football Manager 2018.

FM18 Feature video & screenshots

Out of the blue Football Manager showed a feature video today. The video showed some of the new game elements and there are some screenshots available.

5 possible FM18 Wonderkids

Which players will be introduced as the new FM18 Wonderkids? In this article we discuss 5 possible new wonderkids in Football Manager.

5 features we want in FM18

Football Manager 2018 will hit the stores on November 10th and we have created a list with 5 features we would like to see in the game. What are your wishes?