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Formations: How To Perfect The 3-5-2 System?

In recent years, the 3-5-2 system has blossomed into one of the most popular formations in world football. Made famous by Juventus and the Italy national team, this system favours teams who are solid at the heart of the defence...

World Cup challenges on FM18

Now that we’ve entered the same calendar year as the upcoming World Cup, it is time to start thinking about how to get into the World Cup spirit. Perhaps the most effective way is by playing Football Manager; after all,...

A look at the recent Football Manager games

Football Manager is a series that has become famous for its consistency, with the game based on a winning concept and layout. But with each new game, there are new elements giving managers a level of control that would have...

Best Challenges to Take On When Starting a New Career

Released back in November, most Football Manager players will be well accustomed to the new gameplay and features available on the 2018 edition. New dynamics including Match Cohesion, Dressing Room Atmosphere and Managerial...

Buy Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 was released on November 10th. Buy Football Manager 2018 through FMInside and you will be able to play right away!

5 features we want in FM18

Football Manager 2018 will hit the stores on November 10th and we have created a list with 5 features we would like to see in the game. What are your wishes?