How to build a new stadium

building a new stadium

When you love to play longer games in Football Manager, there could come a time when you feel the club needs a new Stadium. Building a new Stadium is not a very difficult area of the game, there you do not have to do anything for it other than ask your board. That is the only hard part of Building a new Stadium: convincing the board that you actually need one!

In this guide, we will talk about the construction of a new Stadium in Football Manager and will give you some hints and tips to make sure your Board will trust you when you make a Request to Build a new State-of-the-Art Stadium for your club! If you play your cards right, they will build you a brand new stadium and maybe even name it after you!


If you want to build a new stadium you will have to able to pay for it. So without the right finances, your board will never agree on building a brand new Stadium for you. So make sure you have a high balance and make a lot of profit every year before you request your board for a new stadium. Read more on making money in Football Manager or applying a wage structure.


Another important requirement for building a new stadium is Trust. The board will not grant your request for building a new stadium if you are on your first day at the club. So spend some time at the club, win some trophies, gain the trust of the board and then ask for a new stadium. Until then; just nod, train your players and try to win as many games as possible.

*Note: During a Job Interview or Contract Negotiations you have the possibility to ‘demand’ that the club needs to build a new stadium if they want to hire you. You will need a very big reputation before the club’s board will agree with demands like that. So be careful when demanding a new stadium during those negotiations. It could cost you your job!


If you want the board to build a new stadium, try to stay at the club for a longer period. This is also a trust issue. The board will agree to more if you have proven yourself at the club. So building a dynasty at the club will help you get that new stadium. And if you are successful enough, they maybe even name it after you!


It is good and all if you have the finances and trophies to ask your board to build a new stadium, but they will never agree to it as long as your current stadium isn’t full. Your current stadium must be completely (or very close) sold-out during every game of the season for your board to consider building a new stadium.


Very easy: win games and win trophies! By winning several competitions for several years, you can increase your fan-base exponentially. That will result in better attendances and more sell-outs during the season.


Trying to get your board to agree in building a new stadium can be a frustrating piece of business. The board can reject your requests, but there could also be other obstacles on the road. Sometimes the Local Council will not allow the build of a new stadium. If that happens: do not give up! Keep trying, keep asking and eventually you will get your new stadium!



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