Brenner, whose name doesn’t sound Brazilian, shows some amazing potential at the start of Football Manager 2018. He is a good dribbler, If he develops properly, he could be an amazing striker.

Name: Brenner
Nationality: Brazil
Age: 17 (16/01/2000)
Height: 174 cm
 74 kg

Club: Sao Paulo
Contract: 11/09/2022
Position: ST
Value: £ 97k / € 110k
Est. Cost: £ 8M / € 9M

Transfer information
Despite being 16-years-old, Sao Paulo will be demanding a large fee for the striker. They are prepared to listen to any offers higher than 8M. We managed to agree an inital fee of 8.5M without any clauses added. We are confident you will be able to lower Sao Paulo’s demands if you add some clauses like a future fee, future friendly etc.

Brenner – 2017

Brenner Football Manager 2018
Brenner – 2017 – Football Manager 2018

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