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5 Brazilian strikers U18 you should sign

Brazil and strikers. It is a combination that has been making its mark on international football for decades now. Pele, Bebeto, Romario, Ronaldo and Adriano are all examples of amazing Brazilian strikers in the past, winning one or more international trophies with their nation. While Brazil had a bit of a gap after Ronaldo retired from international football, but with Gabriel Jesus the Seleçao seems to have an elite striker once again.

But what about the next generation? Will there be a future Ronaldo, Pele or Romario after the 2020’s? Will Brazil have a new Golden Ball winner ever again? We have taken a look in the Football Manager 2018 database and have found 5 potential future stars. This is the list with 5 Brazilian strikers under the age of 18.


We start with 17-year-old Marquinhos, who plays for Atletico Mineiro, Despite his natural position is Attacking Midfielder, he is also able to feature as a striker or as a Shadwo striker in a Strikerless formation. For a player his age he shows some great abilities already and you can see from his profile that he has some potential. He possesses the abilities a dribbling striker needs and if you decide to pick him up early in the game, his club will accept bids around 8 to 10M.

Marquinhos Football Manager 2018
Marquinhos – 2017 – Atletico Mineiro


Next up is Lincoln, who looks even more promising than Marquinhos and who is cheaper to buy. The 16-year-old is under contract at Flamengo and seems to have an amazing future ahead of him in the world of Football Manager. Lincoln has everything you would be expecting from a Brazilian attacker. He is fast, agile and has a very good dribble. He is a true samba player! Lincoln is a very interesting target because of his age and his expected fee. We managed to agree terms with Flamengo for a transfer around 5M. If you accept their demands with some extra clauses, you can lower the initial fee towards the 4M mark. A true wonderkid bargain!

Lincoln football manager 2018
Lincoln – 2017


Third on the list is Vasco da Gama wonderkid Paulinho. A versatile Attacking Midfielder/Striker. He is capable of playing on either flank and he is a player who can play up front. His starting profile can be compared with Lincoln. Its an impressive set of stats for a player that is only 17-years-old. From that profile you can see he has a big future ahead of him in Football Manager. Paulinho is a striker that loves to dribble, who uses his technique, agility and overall speed to beat his opponent. With an expected fee around 4 – 6M, Paulinho is a player you can take a gamble on in FM18. Get him early on, interest is high in this one!

Paulinho Football Manager 2018
Paulinho – 2017 – Vasco da Gama


17-year-old Brenner is a little bit more expensive than the two Brazilians above, but he is still considered to be a fairly cheap wonderkid. He plays at Sao Paulo and shows the same skill set as most of the other young Brazilian strikers on this list. Brenner, whose name doesn’t sound Brazilian, also shows some amazing potential at the start of Football Manager 2018. He is a good dribbler, has a good technique and he is able to finish a ball with either his feet or his head. Brenner would be a very good signing if you like longer saves. He will need some time to develop, but if he develops properly, he will be an amazing striker.

Brenner Football Manager 2018
Brenner Football Manager 2018


The fifth and final Brazilan striker on this list is young Vitinho. We made a player report for the young striker and that shows he is one of the better wonderkids in the game. He is considered to be a promising striker and he shows some potential in his starting profile in Football Manager 2018. All the attributes that are needed to become a good striker are 10 or higher and that is impressive for a player his age. With an expected fee of 4 to 6M, Vitinho is a player you could fairly easy sign. Watch him closely and see how he develops over a couple of seasons. If he doesn’t develop well, sell him. You will still get a decent fee for him and you will be making a decent profit.

Vitinho Football Manager 2018

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