Journey to the top First Job !

Got our first job ! :

So with all the interviews I had 18 interviews only 6 gave me job offers i went to my girl to ask where she would want to live we sat and looked through each roster she looked up housing prices and we have decided to accept the job in the Dominican Republic with Don Bosco Moca FC. They have a pretty good squad the hard part is this club is Semi Professional if you have experienced these types of clubs you know the players are not as loyal to the clubs such as professional teams. So we packed our bags took my first interview with the press and now we look to the future and pray we will have a good start. Also like to add they have funded my first coaching qualification it will take 4 months to get but a step in the right direction to move on.

The Club:

So here we have Moca FC a good club predicted to finnish 2nd which is good for me means i have a talented roster to mess with and sculpt into a league champion, two league titles 2010 and 2012 so they have recent success which is also good means this clubs heading in the right direction. I love the colors black and yellow so I can't wait to see how we do. Training facilities and youth facilities not so good but what do you expect from this sort of club the national side is not as good as I'm sure they would want but with me that could change well I hope.



Ok so we have a full roster it seems not as big as Real Madrids ofcourse haha but a good one to switch people around game to game, 18 players I honestly do not know who my star player is but the club says Herlyn Cuica our striker is the key player so maybe I'll see how he can do. 




Schedule & Expectations:

there are 18 games in this league top 4 teams qualify for the Semi finals then to the finals of the league we are expected to win no pressure -__-. I do think we have the talent to win this league and I'm hoping to be able to pull everyone together to try and get the trophy in my first season so we can start building torwards a stronger nation and club. 






Transfers & Budget:
So we have 1 player on loan from another club but i cut him quick back to his old team i never really like asking for other clubs players I want to win with my own not someone elses. Also the Budget is 0 for transfers which is fine I will not look to buy other players let alone look to sell mine anytime soon have to keep this squad close and ready for the upcoming season.





My Ulitmate goal is to be ontop I would love to finnish my career with Real Madrid but that might be hard to complete due to my qualifications but if it can happen thank God, Also I will be looking to compete in the World Cup. If i do take a national job I will focus on it example If I coach Toluca (mexico club) and I am coaching Chile i will quit Toluca to focus on Chile but if I am coaching Liverpool and England I will keep both jobs due to them being in the same nation so I will not have to travel so much. Realism fellas this is going to be as realistic as possible. 





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