Esports - The scene is here to stay

The world of esports has grown on an unprecedented scale in the past decade due to, in no small part , the passionate and devoted player-base. These are the same players who built a community around their favorite teenage pastime; gaming with their friends. Together they laid the foundation for the multi-million dollar tournaments, the full-time gaming careers and the social acceptance of gaming. Esports is now regarded in many countries as a legitimate sport and with that comes all of the excitement of professional teams and online betting. We've seen what can be achieved when passionate people work together and it's no wonder then that team spirit between the players on a team is such an important factor in the outcome of the matches. In fact most of the esports titles are team-based games, usually with five-a-side. With the rise of tournaments with prize pools upwards of ten million dollars, team spirit is seen as being of up most importance. Organisations and teams take significant measures to get their players feeling as positive and motivated as possible. 

Fundamentally, a team with a more positive mindset and better communication is likely to do well because of the increased co-ordination and information relay in the team. There is also strong scientific evidence to support the importance of positive thinking in relation to performance and results. Many teams have established 'gaming houses', where the players in a team come together to practice their game in a room of computers, typically before a big tournament. The gaming house help the players to establish friendships and a sense of closeness that goes a long way in the team-building effort, and ultimately, to increase the overall performance of the teams. One such organisation is Cloud9, a group that boasts consistent successes in CS:GO.  The team also has a coach, just as one would expect a football or basketball team to have one. Their jobs are very similar as well, they spot weaknesses, evaluate opponents, build on the strengths of the team and help develop their players physically and mentally. In some organisations the players are given diets to boost their performance and get physical activity as well as good sleep in their routine. The effectiveness of coaches for competitive teams is realized just as much in esports as they are other sports.


esport gaming tournament.jpg 

Teams and organisations often release video interviews onto their official websites or YouTube, either with their players or coaches to gauge how the team is feeling prior to big tournaments. This can be particularly beneficial to spectators who bet on their favorite teams, as a positive team spirit can often be indicative of a confident team, or a previous winning streak. This can be helpful for spectators who have been hesitant about betting, as it can often be a safe bet if the team are feeling positive. This could especially be a very good way to profit from your CS:GO first deposit bonus which is becoming more and more prevalent across betting sites. 

With the growth of esports comes the natural commercialization. Betting is getting increasingly popular and there are continuously new ways to bet on games like CS:GO. Many teams and organisations now have paying sponsors who often support the players with gaming gear or beverages in exchange for their products to be advertised in similar ways other sports teams would advertise their sponsors. The commercialization of esports developed slowly and over time, years from now there may be gaming schools paid for by sponsors. 

A cheering crowd can be double-edged, on one hand the roars can build up a team's confidence, get their adrenaline pumping and improve their mood, but on the other hand may affect their ability to focus  in some situations, such as a tense sniper show-down. Listening back to recordings of the team's chat in sound-proof booths at competitions, you can often hear when a team does something good such as winning the pistol round, because of the excitement and shouting of the players. This shows how the players themselves try to stay as positive as possible, even under intense conditions. 

In conclusion, as esports continues to grow increasingly competitive for team based games, team spirit and morale are crucial to in-game performance more than ever, as they help teams to stay on top of their game. This is realized to the extent that professional teams need coaches and gaming houses to fully connect with each other. As esports becomes more commercialised, perhaps more money will be put into funding for the training of players, which may reduce the frequency of roster changes, and improve their quality of life. 

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