Ben Chilwell

Personal Information

Name: Ben Chilwell
Nationality: England
Age: 21 (21/12/1996)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Foot: Left
Position: Full-back Left

Player Information

Club: Leicester City
Contract: 30/06/2024
Value: £19.25M / €21.5M
Est. Cost: £63M / €70M
Wages p/w: £70k / €78k
Release clause: None
Squad Status: Key Player

Possesses great pace, High work rate, Is a natural in a couple of positions, Currently operating at Premier League level, Could improve a lot in the future, Handles himself in a fairly professional manner, Fairly consistent performer, Considered a physical player.
Profile 2018

Ben Chilwell 2018

Profile 2028

Ben Chilwell 2028



Ben Chilwell is the best young English left-back in Football Manager 2019. He will cost you a big pile of money, but he will be worth every penny. Keep track of him and when he does become available, make sure to strike as soon as you can. A must sign if you play in the Premier League with Brexit luring in the background.


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