Axel Tuanzebe

Manchester United youngster Axel Tuanzebe is one of the better wonderkids from England. He shows some awesome potential and has the talent to become one of the better players in the Premier League. Only problem he has: transfer fee.

Name: Axel Tuanzebe
Nationality: England
Age: 19 (14/11/1997)
Height: 186 cm
 81 kg

Club: Manchester United
Contract: 30/06/2020
Position: D RC
Value: £ 14M / € 16M
Est. Cost: £ 46M / € 50M

Transfer information
We tried to sign Axel Tuanzebe in the first summer window with 3 different clubs, all from different nations and different levels. None of these were successful. Manchester United would like to hang on to this lad and can’t blame them. If you really really want to sign Tuanzebe, you will need to pay 45M+ for him. Maybe you can lower it a bit by adding some bonuses or clauses, if not; Manchester will be demanding at least 45M.

Is he worth that kind of money? Nope, there are better defenders out there for less money, like Matthijs de Ligt as a centre-back or Achraf as a wing-back.

Axel Tuanzebe – 2017

Axel Tuanzebe 2017 Football Manager

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