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Material Skin Football Manager

Material Skin by budwaiser4

Made this FM 2019 skin for myself, but sharing it with the community. It's based on the default dark skin; changed some colors and...
Youri Tielemans

Will Bettors Eye Up Foxes Now FM Legend Youri Tielemans has Joined?

Leicester City have been in absolutely atrocious form in recent weeks, and this has led to the club parting ways with manager Claude Puel....
Pre-Purchase Football Manager 2019 Features

Top 4 Star Players at a Reasonable Asking Price in FM19

The key to long-term success in Football Manager 2019 is to stack the team with high-potential under-21s and eventually build into a team that...

Mad Scientist 03/04 Database

This is the 2003/04 season database. Everything in the FM19 database, has been reverted back to 2003. All the leagues is as they where back in 2003, with all the teams from back then. The players attributes is copied from CM4 (2003/04 season).
Injuries in Football Manager

Keeping injuries under control

Having troubles with injuries in Football Manager? In this guide we give you several tips that will keep your players fit during the season.
Champions League Skin

Champions League Skin

The Champions League skin for Football Manager 2019. This is a dark skin that has a lot of Champions League elements and graphics. Download the...
current and potential ability

Current & Potential Ability

What is Current or Potential ability and how does Football Manager use these to build player profiles? We explain how the system works.

Patrick Cutrone

Patrick Cutrone is a product from the youth academy at AC Milan. We checked his development out in Football Manager 2019.
FC'12 Football Manager 2019 kitpacks

FC’12 Football Manager 2019 kitpacks

Increase the realism in your copy of Football Manager by downloading the awesome FC'12 Football Manager 2019 kitpacks.
Jorge Saenz

Jorge Saenz

Jorge Saenz is a young Spanish central defender that plays for Tenerife. He has a lot of potential and is available for a fair price in Football Manager 2019.
FMInside FM18 Data Update - Football Manager 2018 Transfer Update

FM18 Transfer Update Final version!

The FMInside FM18 Data Update! Our first update for the 2018/2019 season! All transfers and promotions/relegations are updated. Last update: 21/09/18
Youth development in Football Manager

Youth development in Football Manager: attributes, personality & potential

This guide gives you some insights about what is affecting youth development at your club and how to use these influences.
Youth development

Youth development in Football Manager: Facilities, training & coaching

In this guide we look at the areas that could affect player development in Football Manager. We look at facilities, training and coaching.
making money football manager

How to make money on Football Manager

Did you know you can make a shitload of money in Football Manager just by applying some easy tips? In this guide we explain how you can make easy money.
getting out of that slump

How to end that Football Manager slump

Tired of playing that same save on Football Manager over and over again? This guide tells you how to end that FM slump and get back into the game!
DF11 2018 Facepack

DF11 Faces 2018 – Update 13!

Make your copy of Football Manager more realistic by adding the DF11 2018 Facepack! Over 108.000 player faces in a unique and authentic portrait style.
Willem Geubbels

Willem Geubbels

15-year-old Willem Geubbels could turn out to be the most signed striker in FM18. His potential is impressive and is easy to buy!
Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappé is one of two FM18 Elite wonderkids. With a set future transfer he might be unavailable, but that is not the case at all!
Sander Berge

Sander Berge

Sander Berge is a 19-year-old midfielder from Norway. Is he just as talented as Martin Odegaard? We checked his development in Football Manager 2018!
Fiete Arp

Fiete Arp

Fiete Arp is seen as one of the future stars in German football. How is his potential set in Football Manager 2018? We take a look at his abilities and his development over 10 years.
5 star training

How to create 5 star training

If you want to train your players in the best possible way, you will need 5 star training in Football Manager. This guide learns you how that works.
Football Manager Challenges

5 Football Manager Challenges

If you love make Football Manager more challenging, you must complete these difficult challenges!

FM18 Leagues Pack by Claassen 263 updates! (18.3 compatible)

The well known league editor is back! Claassen will be creating new leagues that aren't in the standard database of Football Manager 2018. All updates compatible with Patch 18.3.
FC'12 Kits for Football Manager 2018

FC’12 Kitpacks for FM2018 – 58 updates!

Download all the FC'12 Custom Kit packs for Football Manager 2018 right here at FMInside! We offer all the packs that have been released by FMSlovakia!
england level 22

FM2018 England leagues to lvl 22

Its is back and its bigger & better than ever! Unlock the English lower leagues down to level 22 and start a new FM18 save today!
Nahuel Leiva

Nahuel Leiva

The Spanish winger Nahual Leiva can be a dangerous inside forward if you develop and train him well enough. Available for a free transfer early on in the game, Leiva is an interesting player.
Football Manager 2018 Wonderkids

Football Manager 2018 Wonderkids

Wonderkids! This is the ultimate list with Football Manager 2018 Wonderkids! Over 400 different players made the list and all players are tipped as wonderkids for you to sign in FM18!
Alessandro Plizzari

Alessandro Plizzari

Alessandro Plizzari has one problem at his club AC Milan; Gianluigi Donnarumma, who is the first choice at the club for years to come. Plizzari is very talented and should be an interesting target if he wishes to leave the club.
Amine Gouiri

Amine Gouiri

Amine Gouiri is seen as one of the biggest wonderkids next to Willem Geubbels at the Lyon youth set-up. The young French striker has an enormous potential and you should keep an eye out for him.

The Grimsby Town Challenge: FM Touch 2018

There are so many great challenges you can try on Football Manager 2018, whether it’s trying to get Arsenal to actually achieve something significant,...

TCM18 Logopack – NEW UPDATE 18.2

Download the TCM18 Logopack, a custom megapack of more than 25.500 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2018!
Napoli Football Manager 2018


Napoli history SSC Napoli was founded in 1906 by an English sailor man named William Pots. From 1912 the club started playing in the Italian...
Football Manager 2018 FM2018 winter update

FM2018 Patch v18.3.0 now live!

Sports Interactive have released the long awaited winter patch. Transfers, bug fixes and stability issues have been fixed and will update your Football Manager 2018!

Leon Bailey: The Football Manager Wonderkid That You Must Sign

Every Football Manager club needs a highly touted youngster – and Leon Bailey is the ideal fit to take your team to the next...
Angel Gomes

Angel Gomes

Angel Gomes is a very gifted player in Football Manager 2018 and has the potential to be one of the better wingers in the game.
spanish wonderkids football manager 2018

5 Spanish Wonderkids you should sign in FM18

We did some research in the Football Manager 2018 Database and have found amazing Spanish wonderkids you should sign!
Justin Kluivert

Justin Kluivert

Justin Kluivert is one of the most talented wingers from Holland. The young Ajax player has the potential to be one of the elite wingers in FM2018!
borussia dortmund football manager 2018

Borussia Dortmund FM18 Team Guide

Looking for a new save on Football Manager 2018? Try a challenge with Borussia Dortmund and fight with FC Bayern for the title!
French wonderkids you should sign in football manager

5 French Wonderkids you should sign

We continue our scouting through the Football Manager 2018 Database, looking for the best wonderkids you should be signing in your saves. After we...
Football Manager 2018 FM2018 winter update

Football Manager versus real life management

When will the first manager manage at a professional level having learned his trade on FIFA and Football Manager?
Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Wanderers FM18 Team Guide

A Football Manager 2018 club guide for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Learn more about the club and start a new save today!
flut light skin

FM18 FLUT Light Skin V1.6

A skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2018. Version 1.6 released on 12.2.18
flut dark skin

FM18 FLUT Skin Dark V1.6

A skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2018. Version 1.6 released on 12 February 2018.
Achraf Hakimi

Achraf Hakimi

Achraf is an attacking-minded right full-back, who shows some amazing speed and mental attributes. He has the potential to become a really good player!
Player Personalities in Football Manager

Player personalities in Football Manager

Personalities in Football Manager determine how a player behaves. In this guide we explain how it works and how it effects a player.


Brenner, whose name doesn’t sound Brazilian, shows some amazing potential at the start of Football Manager 2018. He is a good dribbler, If he develops properly, he could be an amazing striker.
yts2 skin - your team skin 2

YTS2 Skin

Custom skin for Football Manager 2018. Built solely for 1920×1080 resolution monitors. Please do not attempt to use on any other systems.
Callum Gribbin

Callum Gribbin

Manchester United midfielder Callum Gribbin has some amazing attributes for a player his age in Football Manager 2018. His kicking skills are absolutely astonishing and remind us of a former great; David Beckham.
Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho has the potential to be one of the elite players in Football Manager 2018. How will he develop and how much do you have to pay?
Kasey Palmer

Kasey Palmer

Kasey Palmer is considered to be a decent midfielder in the Premier League at the start of the game, but has the potential to...
top 50 players in 2027 in football manager 2018

Top 50 FM18 players in 2027

Ever wondered how the future would look in Football Manager 2018? We have simmed the game 10 seasons and bring you the top 50 players in the world!
Claud Adjapong

Claud Adjapong

Claud Adjapong is a talented player who is versatile enough to play in any position on the right flank. He is on his best as an attacking minded full-back or a complete wing-back.
champions league skin football manager 2018

Champions League Skin

The Champions League Skin is back for Football Manager 2018! This is the 1.1 version for the Champions League 2018 skin.


The young Lincoln is one of the bigger Brazilian wonderkids in Football Manager 2018 and has the potential to be an elite striker.
lower league clubs football manager 2018

5 English Lower League clubs to start a save with

Want to start a Lower League save in England, but don't know where to start? We suggest 5 clubs to start a save with in FM2018!


Looking for a young winger for a reduced fee? Marquinhos could prove to be your man! The 17-year-old shows some great potential in Football Manager 2018!

Formations: How To Perfect The 3-5-2 System?

In recent years, the 3-5-2 system has blossomed into one of the most popular formations in world football. Made famous by Juventus and the...

4-5-1 Why I love Sarri by Patrick Sörensen

A new tactic by Danish Dynamite Patrick Sorensen. He created a 4-5-1 tactic inspired by Napoli's headcoach Sarri! That is why he created the Why I Love Sarri tactic!

World Cup challenges on FM18

Now that we’ve entered the same calendar year as the upcoming World Cup, it is time to start thinking about how to get into...
Assistant Managers in Football Manager

Assistant Managers in Football Manager

Assistant managers can do a lot more for you in Football Manager than just 'assist' you. This guide explains the roles he can take on.

A look at the recent Football Manager games

Football Manager is a series that has become famous for its consistency, with the game based on a winning concept and layout. But with...

Best Challenges to Take On When Starting a New Career

Released back in November, most Football Manager players will be well accustomed to the new gameplay and features available on the 2018 edition. New...
Axel Tuanzebe

Axel Tuanzebe

Manchester United youngster Axel Tuanzebe is one of the better wonderkids from England. He shows some awesome potential and has the talent to become one of the better players in the Premier League. Only problem he has: transfer fee.
Tottenham Hotspur Wonderkids Football Manager 2018

7 Brexit wonderkids at Spurs

Fearing the outcome of Brexit in Football Manager 2018? Don't! Start a save with Tottenham and you will be well equipped for the worst possible Brexit!
Juan Castillo

Juan Castillo

A young Dutch wonderkid with enough potential to become a Premier League regular. Juan Castillo is a versatile player, who can play on all positions on the left side of the pitch.
Tahith Chong

Tahith Chong

Looking for a talented winger that can be loaned by a club from the lower leagues? Tahith Chong shows some amazing potential and impressive speed!
Myron Boadu

Myron Boadu

Myron Boadu is a very talented striker, who can be picked up for a small fee. He can develop into a pretty decent goalscore for most clubs from the Premier League.
Kik Pierie

Kik Pierie

16-year-old Kik Pierie is probably the most talented defender from Holland, next to Matthijs de Ligt and Perr Schuurs. He is already considered one of the most standard buys in Football Manager 2018! But how good can he really become?
Anouar El Mhassani

Anouar El Mhassani

Anouar El Mhassani is a former Ajax player, who signed for West Ham United in 2017. Does the young winger have enough potential to develop into a regular Premier League player?
Carel Eiting

Carel Eiting

19-year-old Carel Eiting is one of the bigger Dutch wonderkids in the Ajax youth academy. The young playmaker is a wonderful talent in FM2018 and could be an instant buy for any team!
Calvin Stengs

Calvin Stengs

Calvin Stengs is considered as one of the biggest wonderkids from Holland and has attracted the interest of several big clubs. How will he develop in FM2018?
milla skin

Milla Skin (Dark & Light) V1.5

Milla skin for FM 2018, available in dark & light variations. Optimized for 1920x1080 resolution. Thanks to Michaeltmurrayuk & wannachupbrew.


Young Paulinho is an amazingly talented player from Brazil. The 16-year-old has the potential to be one of the elite strikers in Football Manager 2018.
Football manager 2018 patch 18.2.0

Football Manager 2018 Patch 18.2.0

Sports Interactive have released the first major update for Football Manager 2018. V18.2.0 is out now and will be available when you restart your version. 
7 Dutch Wonderkids

7 Dutch wonderkids to sign

Holland breathes football and has a special love for young talent. How is this represented in Football Manager 2018? We take a look at 7 Dutch wonderkids!
sugar daddy clubs in football manager 2018

Sugar daddy clubs in FM18

Are you looking for a save and not wanting to worry about money? The clubs on this list all have a Sugar Daddy set in Football Manager 2018.
Ezequiel Barco

Ezequiel Barco

Ezequiel Barco was one of the bigger Argentinian talents in Football Manager 2017. But, how good can he be in FM18? We take the test!
top 20 training facilities

Top 20 Training facilities in FM18

Are you looking for a club with good training facilities? This list shows the top 20 training facilities in Football Manager 2018.
3250 Chimera

3-2-5-0 Chimera by Guido Merry

A 3-2-5-0 strikerless tactic created by Guido Merry for FMInside. See how this tactic works and download the tactic to use in Football Manager 2018.
Perr Schuurs

Perr Schuurs

Perr Schuurs is seen as one of the biggest defensive talents from Holland. How good can the young centre-back become in Football Manager 2018? We checked!
bundesliga wonderkids

Top 23 Bundesliga Wonderkids

Are you considering a long term save in Germany? This list shows you the top 23 Bundesliga Wonderkids in Football Manager 2018.

Florinel Coman

Florinel Coman is an young talented striker who has the potential to become one of the elite strikers in Football Manager 2018.
aurum skin

Aurum Skin (high & low res)

The Aurum skin is back for Football Manager 2018! This skin is available in both a high-res version and a low-res version.
best youth academies in fm18

Best Youth academies in Football Manager 2018

Planning a save that concentrates on youth? Why don't you take control at one of these clubs? This is the list with the best youth academies in FM2018.
10 clubs you should manage in football manager 2018

10 clubs you should manage in FM18

Wondering which clubs you should be managing in Football Manager 2018? We have made a list with 10 clubs that could be very challenging.
Chuma Football Manager 2018


Chuma is a young talented striker that is an interesting player for many lower league sides in Football Manager 2018. Why? Because he is a free agent!
fm18 transfer budgets

Top 10 transfer budgets in Football Manager 2018

This is the list with the top 10 FM18 transfer budgets! Spend money like crazy and create a world dominating squad in Football Manager 2018!
Andromeda FM18 Skin

Andromeda Skin

Andromeda FM18 Skin for Football Manager 2018. High resolution ONLY (1920 x 1080). Feature-packed as always (background selector, dozens of custom panels, various tweaks).
benevento football manager 2018

6 tasks to complete at Benevento

Benevento have made the worst ever start to a season by a team from Europe's top five leagues. This could prove to be a cool challenge in Football Manager 2018.
Daniel Gear 4-1-4-1 DM

4-1-4-1 DM by Daniel Gear

A new community blog article at FMInside. This time Daniel Gear has created an amazing 4-1-4-1 tactic he uses in his save with Kasimpasa.
5 brazilian strikers football manager 2018

5 Brazilian strikers U18 you should sign

We have created a list with the 5 best Brazilian strikers under the age of 18 in Football Manager 2018. All wonderkids, all available under 10M.
Football Manager 2018 giveaway

Football Manager 2018 Patch 18.1.3 Hotfix

Sports Interactive have released a third hotfix for Football Manager 2018 to address a couple of stability and performance issues.
Thiago Almada Football Manager 2018

Thiago Almada

This young Argentinian attacking midfielder shows some amazing potential and has the ability to score scorcher goals from a distance.
50 contract expiry signings in football manager 2018

50 contract expiry signings in FM18

If you have a tight transfer budget in Football Manager 2018, living on contract expiry signings is vital for success. A list with 50 signings.
Essential Downloads FM18

FM18 essential downloads

You have just installed Football Manager 2018 and you want to add some more realism to the game. A list with essential downloads.
football manager 2018 best coaches

Football Manager 2018 Best coaches

If you want the best performances, you will have to sign the best coaches. This list shows you the best coaches in Football Manager 2018.
2d kits flut skin

2D Kits for FLUT Skin

2D Kits front in FC'12 Style for FLUTskin. Now you can include beautiful kits on titlebar and on player overview panel in all FLUT skins
opz elite 2560

OPZ Elite 2560 V1.4

A dark skin for Football Manager 2018, which is optimized for 1920x1080.
Thomas Buitink Football Manager 2018

Thomas Buitink

Thomas Buitink is a talented Dutch striker that has some potential in Football Manager 2018. How will the young Vitesse player develop over 10 years?

DF11 Base Skins

5 base skins for Football Manager 2018, with a special update for the DF11 panels. Including instant result and custom backgrounds!

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