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Football is becoming a game that is all about ‘moments’ and at Sports Interactive they have recognised this trend with the introduction of the Set Piece Creator a couple of versions ago. Since the introduction they have expanded and improved the feature. A good add-on was the ability to create different corner routines.

You have the ability to create 3 different corner routines. And if you create three different corner routines, your team will be switching between these three corner routines during games.

In this guide we will be helping you to get started to create attacking corner routines. We will give you three different examples that you could use in your save.l


The first routine we will be discussing is the Challenging the Keeper routine. Instruct your corner taker to kick the ball towards the 6 Yard Box.

For this Routine we like to have the ball swing towards the goal, so it is important to have a right footed player take the corners on the left and a left footed player from the right.

The Instructions:

  • Attack Near Post
  • Attack Far Post
  • Challenge Goalkeeper
  • Go Forward (2x)
  • Lurk Outside Area
  • Attack Ball from Deep
  • Stay Back (2x)
  • Stay Back when needed

In this routine the instructions Challenge Goalkeeper and Attack Ball from Deep are key instructions. The player who will be challenging the goalkeeper must be a good header and needs strength, balance and jumping reach on a high level (ideally 15+). Your best two headers (normally the centre-backs) are posted at the near & far post.


The second routine we will show you is a ‘Attack Near Post Corner’. A dangerous set piece, that can give you a lot of goals if you set this up correctly. For this routine you will instruct the corner taker to aim the bal towards the near post. It is also advised to kick an inswinging corner.

The instructions are:

  • Attack Near Post
  • Near Post Flick On
  • Challenge Goalkeeper
  • Attack Far Post
  • Attack Bal from Deep
  • Go Forward (2x)
  • Lurk Outside Area
  • Stay Back
  • Stay Back when Needed

You instruct your best headers to attack the near post and near post flick on. They should have the attributes heading and jumping reach.

It is also important to instruct your players to Challenge the Goalkeeper, Attack Bal from the Deep and Attack the Far Post. This will become very important when the ball gets flicked on or the corner aim is too high.

The third and final important player instruction is Lurk Outside Area. It is important that this player has a high value for Long Shots, as this creates an extra weapon. Big pros for this player would be Player Traits like:

  • Likes to shoot from distance
  • Fires with power
  • Curls the ball
  • Places shots


With this Routine you instruct your corner taker to play it short. The player who receives the ball has the choice to either cross the ball, give a pass, make a dribble, or shoot the ball.

The instructions are:

  • Offer Short Option
  • Attack Near Post
  • Challenge Goalkeeper
  • Go Forward
  • Attack Ball from Deep
  • Attack Far Post
  • Lurk Outside Area
  • Stay Back (2x)

The Player who gives the short option will need the following attributes at a good level: Crossing, Dribbling, Passing, Technique, Anticipation and Decisions.

In this routine it is also important to have a player lurk outside the area. Having a player lurking just outside the box will give an extra option.

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