Angel Gomes

angel gomes
  • Winger (Left/Right)
  • Angel Almeida Gomés
  • England
  • 15 (31/08/2000)
  • 168 CM
  • 52 kg
  • Either
  • Man. United
  • £ 150k / € 175k
  • £ 500k / € 650k
  • £ 120 / € 150
  • 30/06/2018


Angel Gomes is on a Youth contract at Manchester United and that makes him very interesting to snatch up quick into a new save. You will have to pay a compensation, which should be around 500k – 1M. As soon as Gomes turns 16 he is eligible to sign a professional deal. As soon as he does this, his Value will sky rocket and United will ask a much larger fee. If you play a save in a English Lower League Gomes would be an interesting player to have on loan. If United agrees will depend on the reputation of the club you’re managing. But if its high enough, you could end up loaning Gomes for two or three seasons


Gomes is a typical Winger. He is small, but very fast and agile. His key attributes are Crossing, Dribbling, Technique, Acceleration, Natural Fitness and Speed. Make sure to keep your training focus on these attributes and Gomes has the potential to be a future star!


Being fast and agile also comes with a downside; he isn’t that strong. If he is not quick enough and his ball control isn’t good enough, defenders will have the time of their life defending Gomes. It would be advised to have some extra focus on his Balance and Strength. Another weakness for Gomes are his mental attributes, which seem to be random. That makes him unpredictable. One game he is considered to be a future star, whilst the other game he will end up at a Lower League club.


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