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Alphonso Davies

Bought by Bayern Munich as a future replacement for Frank Ribery, the young Alphonso Davies could become the first Canadian super star in Europe. We have taken a look at his development in Football Manager 2019. Is he worth to buy?

Player Information

Name: Alphonso Davies
Nationality: Canada
Age: 17 (02/11/2000)
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Foot: Left Only
Club: Vancouver / Bayern Munich
Contract: 31/12/2019
Position: Left winger
Value: £3.3M / €4M
Est. Cost in 2018: Unavailable
Wages p/w: £1k / €1.6k

Transfer Information

In the first two seasons Alphonso Davies will be unavailable for a transfer. He is currently under contract at Vancouver Whitecaps, but has a fixed transfer to Bayern Munich on 1/1/2019. If we take a look at his career over ten years (below in the overview of his full career), we see that he will struggle at Bayern to claim a first team spot. That will probably be in your favor. You will probably have to pay around 25m to 35m for him after the first few seasons. That seems to be a reasonable fee.

Positional information

Alphonso Davies is a left-footed left winger, who is also natural as a left midfielder. Seeing his age, you will be able to re-train him to become a left-footed right winger.

Role: Winger
Looking at his attributes he has the potential to become a really dangerous winger. Seeing he has a huge amount of flair, we suggest you should use him as left winger with an attacking duty. That way he will be further up the pitch, attacking his direct opponent with his speed and skills.

Key attributes
+ Dribbling
+ Flair
+ Acceleration
+ Pace
Attributes to improve
– Crossing
– Passing
– Finishing
– Anticipation
– Stamina

Alphonso Davies – 2018

The 17-year-old starts at Vancouver Whitecaps, but will be joining Bayern Munich in the January window.


Alphonso Davies – 2023

After five seasons he is still under contract at Bayern Munich, but has played less than 10 games for the club. He has spent most of his time away on loan.


Alphonso Davies – 2028

After 10 seasons into the game he has finally left Bayern and moved to Spanish side Villarreal. There he is considered to be a key player and he is considered to be an elite winger by the media.


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