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How to add Logos, Faces and Kits

Tired of having unlicensed kits, logos or not having any player faces in the game? In this short guide we will explain how to add custom graphics to Football Manager. If you follow these basic steps, you won’t have any problems adding faces, kits, logos or any other custom graphics.

The steps in this guide will work on all versions of Football Manager.

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Easiest way:

If you already used custom graphics with an older version of Football Manager, you could just simply copy > paste your Graphics folder to the FM folder of the new version! It’s that easy!

But if you are new to the game and don’t have any graphics yet, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the graphics you want

There are many graphics to be downloaded for Football Manager. We have some of the best downloads available and you will find them all in our Download Area.


Step 2: Unpack graphics

Most of the graphical packs you will download are too big to directly download from a folder. To keep the downloads a bit smaller in size, uploaders usually ‘pack’ the downloads with software like WinRar (free to download).

Once you have downloaded a graphical pack, you will be able to unpack it and place it in the correct folders.

Step 3: Put graphics in right folders

Once you have downloaded the graphics you like, you will need to extract the content into the following folder(s):


\Users\<your username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager XXXX\graphics\

Mac OS:

/Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager XXXX/graphics/

*Note XXXX is your FM version

TIP: To minimize clutter and keep a clean look in your folders we recommend that you create different folders for the different types directly under the graphics folder. This way it will be easier to keep track of the various packs you have and it will be easier to install updates if they become available (most of the graphics get regular updates).

NOTE: If the Graphics folder doesn’t exist yet, simply create it by adding a new folder and naming it graphics. Football Manager will automatically recognise the folder.


Step 4: Making it work in Football Manager

Load up your version of Football Manager and look for ‘Preferences‘. In the start screen it is somewhere at the right side of the screen. If you have already loaded your save game, use the drop down menu in the top right to find the Preferences.

After the preferences screen is loaded go to ‘Interface‘.

Then you will see the ‘Appearance‘ section and you will have to change:

  • Untick: ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times‘.
  • Make sure ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences‘ is ticked.
  • After making these changes you can click ‘Confirm‘.

Settings Football Manager 2019

After you hit confirm the game will show a message that the skin is being reloaded. That usually takes ten seconds or something. Once that is done, check out the graphics that you have added. If you have followed our steps correctly, you will be able to see something like this:

General Club Settings Football Manager 2019

Enjoy the game!

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  1. i had the same problem eventually found a graphics fmf file in the database folder deleted that and put the logo pack i had downloaded there and it worked be warned tho the custom logo pack does cause my game to crash if i try to view a staff profile and some other pages, deffo the logo pack as when i reset to standard crash goes away, workable you just need to discover which scrrens to avoid by trial and error the game play feel with the proper logos far outweighs the odd crash!!

  2. need someones help i’m going crazy. Been playing FM for years and never had any problems with the game when it came to adding facepacks yet this one seems impossible.

    I have pasted them in the graphics folder, then I pasted them in a faces folder within the graphics folder. I’ve reset the skins and ticked and unticked the relevant boxes. i’ve even tried a different facepack with no luck.

    can anyone help me. i’m to picky to play without faces

  3. Hello,
    i am so sad, because uploader just skip whole Czech republic. Someone put only logo of that competition. But i check another countries and is almost same. Cheers from Czech! 🙂

  4. I removed the pack from my graphics folder and retested and no crash. With the facepack, a crash 100% of the time when going into the Team Report>Team Depth Chart screen. Anyone else seen that?

  5. How the heck can i download this with so much random advertising and separate buttons asking me to download stuff? Which button do I press to download?


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