Tired of having unlicensed kits and badges or not having any player faces in the game? In this short guide we will explain how to add custom graphics to Football Manager. If you follow these basic steps, you won’t have any problems adding faces, kits, logos or any other custom graphics. The steps in this guide will work on all versions of Football Manager.

If you already used graphics in an older version of the game, you could just simply copy > paste your Graphics folder to its new location. It’s that easy! But if you are new to the game and don’t have any graphics yet, follow these steps:



Facepacks are used to add player and non-player photos to Football Manager. You will find the best ones in our download area.


Add club, nation and league logos to Football Manager with a logopack. Check out the packs we offer in our download area.


Fancy those real kits for the new season? We have some of the best packs available in our download area.

Step 2: Know where to put it

Once you have downloaded the graphics you like, you will need to extract the content into the following folder(s):

\Users\<your username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager XXXX\graphics\

Mac OS:
/Users/<username>/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager XXXX/graphics/

To minimize clutter we recommend that you create different folders for the different types: Kits, Logos, Faces etc. And if the Graphics folder doesn’t exist yet, simply create it by adding a new folder.

*Note XXXX is your FM version

Step 3: Making sure it works

Load up Football Manager and navigate to ‘Preferences’. At the start screen it will be somewhere in the bottom. If you loaded your game, use the drop down menu in the top right.

After the preferences screen is loaded, navigate to ‘Interface‘. See screenshot below. We have highlighted the area with a red box.

Then you will see the ‘Appearance‘ section and you will have to change:

  • deselect ‘Use caching to decrease page loading times‘.
  • make sure ‘Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences‘ is ticked.

After making these changes you can click ‘Confirm‘.

The game will now be reloading the skin. After that is done, simply load your game. If you see the graphics you have downloaded, you have followed these steps correctly! If not, please get back to step one and start over.

For questions, feel free to drop a comment below!