About FMInside Football Manager community

FMInside has been serving the Football Manager community since 2006 and was founded and designed by Ramon Mol. Commonly known as FMI, we grew steadily into one of the larger Dutch FM Communities and would stay at the top for years to follow.

In 2013, Ramon decided to end his reign on FMInside and he handed over de scepter to Len Wolters, current owner and site designer.

In 2016 we made another big transfer as the team decided to switch their focus from Dutch to English. From that moment on the website has been steadily growing into the international FM-community. We are welcoming new and more different nationalities every day.

Our content

At FMInside.net we have chosen to focus ourselves mainly on producing the most wanted FM-content by the community. We concentrate on:

FMInside Data Update

In may 2017 we released our very first official FMInside Data Update. In this update we proces the latest transfers, contract changes, injuries, media sources and many many more! What started off with a monthly update, we currently try to release an update every friday. Sometimes we even release a special version of an update if a big transfer or big happening occurs in football.

The FM17 version of our data update has been downloaded over 30.000 times since the start back in may 2017. For Football Manager 2018 we continued to release our updates and we are proud to tell you that our update has been downloaded over 350.000 times!

And of course, for Football Manager 2019 we have released another update!

Download the latest version of the FMInside Data Update.

Social Media

Through our large Social Media communities we share our content with the world. In recent years the communities have grown steadily and nowadays over 30.000 FM-fans from all over the world follow our work on Facebook and Twitter.

We are also the proud owner of two different Facebook Groups. The Football Manager NL Group is the largest Dutch FM-community on Facebook with more than 3.300 members.

We also have an international Facebook group, which we would like to use to bring FM-players from all over the world together.


We introduced our very own Discord server in September. An awesome place for Football Manager fanatics to come together and enjoy talking about the game.


The content we produce and the effort we put into Football Manager Inside is a big hobby for us. If you like our work and would like to express your gratitude, you can always send us a small donation.


FMInside are proud partners of the DF11 Facepacks and the TCM Logopack. We use both packs to create our Player reports and Club guides for Football Manager.

Managers United

The largest Football Manager community of the Netherlands. This community has been taken over by the owners of FMInside in December 2018. After a redesign and new forum software, the community has been rapidly growing again!

Visit Managers United