7 reasons why Tottenham is an ideal Brexit club

Fearing Brexit in Football Manager a bit? Well, don’t worry about that! If you like to play Football Manager 2018 in the Premier League there is a club available that is well suited for even the worst possible Brexit outcome in the game: Tottenham Hotspur. The London club already has multiple British players in the squad and is well-known for its youth focus. Tottenham gives young players enough playing time and shows it is a club that not only plays good football, but also produce a lot of very good players.

In the current squad players like Harry Kane, Delle Ali, Danny Rose, Kieran Trippier, Harry Winks and Eric Dier are all young enough to play for Tottenham for years to come, securing the quality in the team. But if we look even further ahead, Tottenham has some amazing talented players that will be knocking on the door sooner than later. That is why we have created the following list, making sure to convince you that Tottenham Hotspur is the best Brexit club in Football Manager 2018.

Marcus Edwards | 18 years old | AM (RLC)

First up is Marcus Edwards. The young English attacking midfielder is probably the biggest wonderkid in the current Tottenham Hotspur youth academy. He is quick on his feet, loves to dribble and is a very technical player. If you give him enough playing time, while focusing on areas like finishing, stamina and strength, you will be creating a very good player that will be able to feature in the first team on a regular basis.

Kyle Walker-Peters | 20 years old | D (RL)

How cool would it have been if Kyle Walker didn’t leave Tottenham last summer to join Manchester City? That way you could have Kyle Walker playing alongside Kyle Walker! Both aren’t related and the Kyle Walker that plays for City is a bit more talented, but as a back-up or rotation player Kyle Walker-Peters is more than ok for Tottenham. And he can also play as a left wing back, left midfielder and even as a left attacking midfielder. A versatile player that could be very useful!

Joshua Onomah | 20 years old | AM (C)

Josh Onomah has been in the Tottenham squad for quite some seasons now, picking up some game time over the years. He spends his first season away on loan at Aston Villa. When he returns, he could be a good back-up or rotation player for Tottenham. Onomah is a talented player, and if you are lucky, could become a good player in the Premier League. If you don’t have that luck, Onomah is a decent squad member to fill some gaps, but not a player that will be a starter.

Cameron Carter Vickers | 19 years old | D (C)

Why is there an American on the list? Well, dead simple; his second nationality is English. Although he is declared for the USA, Carter Vickers counts as an English player as it comes to Work Permits. He spends his first season away at Sheffield United. After he returns, Carter Vickers could develop into a good central defender with some good qualities. Look to keep him around in the future, you will be having a good squad member at Tottenham for years to come.

Kazaiah Sterling | 18 years old | AM (RL), ST (C)

Although Harry Kane should be your first striker for years to come at Tottenham, Kazaiah Sterling is a player to keep track of. The 18-year-old shows some great pace in Football Manager and could be a deadly striker if you love to counter. The fact he can also be retrained as a left or right winger, could make Sterling a very valuable member to the future Tottenham squad. He might not be the most talented player in England, but he could prove to be very useful.

Tashan Oakley-Booth | 17 years old | M (C)

Tashan Oakley-Booth is a decent talented central midfielder in Football Manager. Although we aren’t sure he will ever be good enough to hold a spot in the first team of Tottenham, he could still be a member of your squad for Brexit reasons. His profile shows us he is a technical and fast midfielder, who has a cracking long shot. Give him the right training, tutoring and game time and Oakley-Booth could  be a decent back-up player.

Oliver Skipp | 16 years old | DM / M (C)

Last on the list is Oliver Skipp. He has the advantage he is 16-years-old and that he can both defend and attack. He is technical and fast, but also a decent marker with a good work rate. Skipp is a player that you can mold into the player you want him to become. He can either be trained as a central midfielder with a defensive duty or a fast paced defensive midfielder in front of the defense. Skipp has the potential to become a decent member of the Tottenham first team.