5 English Lower League clubs to start a save with

lower league clubs football manager 2018

Lower League Management is gaining in popularity. The standard games and standard clubs are becoming a bit boring in Football Manager and people are looking for challenges. Managing lower league clubs can give you that new insight in playing the game.

The standards you are known to, disappear and you really have to rely on your skills as a football manager. You don’t have budgets, you don’t have 10 scouts to roam the world and you don’t have 10 wonderkid lists on the internet you can use to buy players.

The problem with lower league management is the starting point you pick. Which club will be the one that you will take to glory in the Champions League one day..? On the list we present you today we will give you some  possible clubs to start a save with in England, the home of Lower League Management.

Why England? Easy. England is the most used nation in Football Manager and it is also the easiest country to start a successful lower league save in. If you are new to the scene, you would like to start here and not in the Indonesian 4th division or the first division of Mongolia. No, this is the home of football and the best starting area for your lower league adventure.

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The list with 5 lower league clubs:

5Salford City – Vanarama Conference North – Exp: 3rd

First on the list is one of the most used clubs in Football Manager 2018: Salford City. This club is lead by former Manchester United super stars ‘the class of 92’. Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Phil Neville all have a share in the club, which was founded in 1940. Since they took over the club back in 2014, the club has been making steps in English football, making its debut in the Conference league in 2016.

Why Salford? Well, its kind of cool to be playing for former Manchester  United legends right? But that is not all.. The club has a good squad for this level and you could easily find a place in the top of the league. Also, the stadium is a good size for a club in this league. You won’t be filling it from the start, but if the performances are there, you will see a rise in attendances sooner than later.

4Blyth Spartans – Vanarama Conference North – Exp: 10th

Blyth can be considered as one of the more traditional lower league clubs in Football Manager. The logo and the name are obviously very cool. And their performances in the FA Cup some seasons ago created a hype around the club. Despite Blyth being one of those mainstream clubs in Football Manager, it is still a very cool club to play with.

Imagine you fighting in the Champions League, only being able to shout out ‘THIS IS SPARTA’ after you have won it…

3Gloucester City – Vanarama Conference South – Exp: 17th

One of the things in Lower League Management I always do, is look for clubs that appeal to me. Either by the club name, the club colors or the club logo. Gloucester is one of those clubs you see along the way and think ‘damn, that is one sweet logo’. And that is  basically everything this club has… Their stadium is crap, their facilities are crap, the kitcolors aren’t exactly fabulous and their squad is even crappier.

Then why should I start a save with Gloucester? The logo! I love this logo and I have some successful saves with this club in the past. I can recommend them to anyone, simply because of their awesome logo.

2FC United of Manchester – Vanarama Conference North – Exp: 17th

If Blyth was one of those standard lower league clubs, what would FC United be? Just like AFC Wimbledon was a couple of years ago, FC United is one of the most used lower league clubs in Football Manager. And what is not to like? You fight against the big money from your big brother Manchester United!

FCUM was founded by fans of The Red Devils, who where protesting the American owners. The club started in 2005 and managed to get to the Conference in 10 years. That is one heck of a performance by this club. Managing FC United could prove to be fun, especially if you combine this with the big brother challenge!

1Bath City – Vanarama Conference South – Exp: 12th

Finally we pick Bath City. Why Bath? Because this city is the number 2 tourist city in England. While the town of Bath has a population around 90.000, the town attracts many many more tourist every year. The town was founded in the 1 century by the Romans, and that automatically makes it cool to manage Bath…

But, the club on its own is kind of cool as well. Bath was founded in 1889, they play in black and white striped shirts, which automatically makes them a classy bunch. They play their football at Twerton Park, which was build in 1909 and has been their stadium ever since. And that is also very cool!


  1. I always seem to end up playing with:

    1) Bath – I have had awesome experiences with Bath in 08/09 and 10. They have a good balance of players, especially on the 18.0 database. Jamie Lucas is a beast up top and Compton (Along with Ryan Broom from Bristol Rovers) on the wings are just wide player gods. Defence is great but you will need another goalkeeper, since if Southwood gets injured, Wollacot is not up to standard

    2) Gloucester – My local club, needs packing out with rotation and back up players. However they have such a small wage budget and your bank will plummet. I wouldnt even release your staff since you wont be able to get anyone else on board! Midfield is very poor except Joe Hanks, but selling Tom Webb ruins your team’s morale for some time. Tom Hadler is a great keeper but again you will need another back up.


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