Football Manager 2018 will hit the shops on November 10th this year and we are all very hyped for the new game. Obviously the game will see loads of improvements and new features. But despite the announcement of the game, no further features or new things have been released by Sports Interactive or Sega. With that in mind, we have made a list of 5 features we would love to see in FM18.


The training module in Football Manager has been undermined for the last couple of years. You pick a global focus and are able to pick some detailed match preparation training. But that is not what we want. Although the Individual training is a good addition to the game, we want to have more influence on the training as a whole. Give us the option to create training schedules that can vary each day. We want to be able to pick fitness training on Monday, tactical training on Tuesday and a personal training day on Wednesday.


Although adding press conferences into the game some years ago was a good idea, the feature has been not very popular with the players of the game. The press conference are repetitive and not fun to do. That is why a lot of you ask your assistant to do them for you. We feel SI must be able to come up with a cool new way to implement the press conferences in Football Manager 2018. Make them more dynamic, add more questions, make answers less complicated and shorter.


Being a Football Manager in England will often mean you have full control over the club’s transfer policy and club’s wishes. But nowadays the rise of the Director of Football and megalomaniac owners have been taking over the footballing world. We would like to see an improvement on this area of the game. As you are signed as the new manager, it would be fun to see that you don’t have any control (or less control) on the transfermarket. You ask for an attacker, the Director of Football will deliver.

Although you a similar option like this is already in Football Manager, you being the one to manually alter this is not what we want. We want owner that can bring in a 100M striker only because he wants to and as a manager, you will have to cope with that.


Agents are getting a bigger role in football. Guys like Jorge Mendes or Mino Raiola can control entire markets and can bring players where they want, whenever they want. We would like to see an improvement in this area. You have a virtual agent in the game, but he (or she) plays no further role.

It would be great for you to sign with an agent in the game, which could then affect and even benefit your future. Signing with a big(ger) agency or agent will get you better offers for example. But it could also affect players signings for your team. This would make it easier to sign players from the agent’s player pool, but it could also mean you will have to sign one or more players from his pool.

How fun would it be that if you sign a contract deal at Mino Raiola’s agency in Football Manager 2018, you will have to promise to sign at least 2 of his players from his pool, otherwise he won’t put your name forward for that one job you want. The game should be more challenging on this area, bringing it closer to the real footballing world.


One of the major flaws in Football Manager for years has been the lack of options you have as an international manager. The options you have a very limited and that makes managing an international team on a World Cup or European championship not a fun thing to do. You should be able to train players and rest players (which shockingly isn’t possible). But one of the things we have been missing for years is a decent scouting team for the international manager. As the game progresses the players you know will slowly disappear and will be replaced by newgens. It’s quite difficult to find new players for the team if you don’t click on every single player manually.


Are there any features you would like to see in Football Manager 2018? Let us know in a comment below!

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