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4-5-1 Why I love Sarri by Patrick Sörensen

For months now, Patrick Sörensen (aka @Patrick1989S on Twitter) has been filling Twitter with some amazing performances in Football Manager 2018. After some amazing saves with clubs like Real Mallorca, FC Kopenhagen & Anderlecht, he has now landed his feet at Bayer Leverkusen, a club which he turned into a dominating force back in FM17 as well.

As we would have expected, Patrick has been getting some insane and impressive results with Leverkusen and we are very happy he contacted us to share his tactic once again! So, today we bring you the 4-5-1 Why I love Sarri tactic by Patrick!


It’s a 4-5-1 tactic, where I try to play like Sarri does with Italian side Napoli. I have a HUGE passion for Sarri’s way to play football. The pressing is really good, so u need players that are both good on the ball, but can also defend.

I change the tempo of the tactic from normal to fast, depending on the opponent. And sometimes, when a game needs a bit more, I tend to use Close down more, to give the opponent even less time and space.

Also I change the Advanced Playmaker on the left side of the pitch to an Inside Forward. This depends on who I play as a left winger.

If you have any questions about the tactic, hop over to his Twitter and ask away!


After downloading. Make sure to place the .fmf file in the correct folder.

Look for the tactics folder in your Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/ folder.

Other tactics:



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