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4-1-4-1 DM by Keysi Rensie

A new type of article at FMInside.net. We love to be part of the Football Manager community and we love to read and watch all the various types of blogs and let’s play videos on YouTube.

Approaching Football Manager 2018 we came up with the idea to offer special ‘big gun’ tactics. Meaning: we approach the big guns from the community and ask them if they could create a tactic for us that reflects their way of playing. This way FM-fanatics could experience how the big players approach the game.¬†Lucky for us the guys we asked thus far all responsed positive and were happy to participate.

The first ‘big gun’ from the community that answered our call was no other than Keysi Rensie. This Czech Blogger has been sharing his stories, his tactics and his set piece creations with the community for years now. He is also one of the authors of the official Tempo Skin, which is considered as one our favourites.

We asked Keysi to create a special tactic for us and he replied almost instantly.

4-1-4-1 DM

A strong defensive block with very effective wide players. But you can also bet that the Central Midfielder with Attacking duty will score a lot of goals. Thanks to his Move Forward instruction he will move to the penalty area very often, being able to finish crosses from the sides.

Full-Backs have Close Down Less instruction to not be too ‘crazy’ with their defending and they will be more patient with closing down their opponent.

The team is instructed to Play out of Defense, so make sure your defenders are able to pass a ball or instruct them to play a simple passing game towards the Defensive Midfielder, who has been set as a Deep Lying Playmaker in this formation.


GK: Distribute To Full Backs
Full-Backs: Close Down Less
Central Midfielder Support: Shoot Less Often
Central Midfielder Attacking – Shoot Less Often
Wide Midfielder Attacking: Stay Wider



After downloading. Make sure to place the .fmf file in the correct folder.

Look for the tactics folder in your Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2018/ folder.

Other tactics:



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