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10 clubs to manage in Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 is on the verge of its release and that is exactly why we have published the article. Are you ready and excited for the yearly release? Well we are! Don’t have a clue which kind of games you want to be playing? Even better, cause we have you sorted then! In this article you will find 10 clubs you really should be managing in Football Manager 2019! Some of these are more mainstream, others need special downloads to even make it possible to manage them. Take your picking!

F91 Dudelange – Luxembourg

We start of this article with a club that is not in the standard database of Football Manager. Then why start with them? Well, because they are cool! They are the biggest club in Luxembourg, a minnow nation in the footballing world. However, they managed to surprise friend and foe this summer by qualifying for the group stages of the Europa League. As champions of their country, they started of in the Champions League preliminary rounds. Unfortunately they lost in the first round to Hungarian side Fehervar and were dropped down into the Europa League preliminary rounds.

In the Europa League they then managed to beat Drita from Kosovo and then Legia Warschau from Poland, who qualified for the second stage just two seasons ago. In the final play-off round they battled themselves to a mighty win over Romanian side CFR Cluj, beating them 2-0 at home and then 2-3 in Romania! For the first time a club from Luxembourg has entered the group stages of the Europa League! They are now in a group with AC Milan, Betis Sevilla and Olympiakos.

So, this could be an awesome save for FM2019! We expect a league file to be published shortly after the first release and if it does, make sure to download it right away and start a save with this club!

Portimonense – Portugal

Who? That’s right, you read it correctly. Portuguese side Portimonense! They promoted last season to the highest league and they are the smallest club in the league. Their stadium has less than 10.000 seats and the team looks more like a Brazilian side than a European one. However! This club made the headlines not so long ago. Why? Because they signed Jackson Martinez. Who? Yes, Jackson Martinez.

The man that was signed by Atletico Madrid for almost 40m euros 3 summers ago. He was tipped to be their new Radamel Falcao, but never managed to reach the level of his Colombian partner. Before Atletico Martinez scored 92 goals in 136 games for FC Porto. After Atletico he moved to Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande for a whopping €40m fee, becoming one of the best paid players in the world.

In China he again failed to make an impression, mainly due to injuries. He played 16 games for Evergrande, scoring only 4 goals. It was a big big surprise that he signed for the Portuguese minnows this summer, but what a signing that was! If you start a save in Portugal, you should definitely start one with Portimonense!

FC Jumilla – Spain

Who? You read it correctly… again! Why this Spanish club from the Segunda Divison B? Well..easy: Wolverhampton Wanderers. You know, the Premier League club who made the ‘top teams to manage’ lists at almost every other Football Manager website… Then why do we put Jumilla on ours and not Wolves? Let us explain.

On September 5th both clubs announced that they agreed a partnership. Wolves will be able to send their youth players out on loan to Jumilla. And that is exactly what they did! In the final week of the summer transfer window, Wolves sent a total of 9 (!!) players over to Spain, including Jack Ruddy, Ming-Yang Yang and Ben Stevenson. Right away this club has been tipped as one of the clubs to win promotion. Although they had a slow start to the season, fitting in all those new players.

But, if you are considering a save in Spain. Consider playing with Jumilla! Could be fun!

FC Twente – Holland

Champions in 2010, nearly bankrupt in 2018. The story of FC Twente is one of the weirdest in Dutch football since the start of the league in the 50’s. The club from the city of Enschede has always been a good team in the leagues, suffering some down years during the 80’s and 90’s. But the club always managed to get back on top and that is what they did right after the club was barely saved from bankruptcy in 2002. The club was declared bankrupt, but under new chairman Joop Munsterman, the club was saved on the last moment.

From that moment on, Twente grew to be Holland’s next top club. A series of good results in the league (2x4th and 1x2nd) they had their best year in the 2009/2010 season. Twente battled Ajax for the league title and eventually wont the title on the last day of the season with a 2-0 win over NAC. By winning the championship, Twente looked to have established themselves as the new modern elite club in Holland.

From Champions League to Keuken Kampioen

Only five seasons after they had won their first ever league title in the Eredivisie, Twente was on the verge of bankruptcy once again. Munsterman left the club after he allegedly mismanaged the club financially. After years of investigations it became clear that Munsterman had created a massive bubble around himself and the club, completing transfers the club could not afford, building and expanding a stadium the club could actually not afford.

In 2016 the club was relegated to the First Division in a decision made by the KNVB, a decision that was then canceled after an appeal from the club. Despite the club being saved, two years later Twente did eventually relegate from the Eredivisie. The club finished in 18th and last place in the league. In FM19 it can be your challenge to bring Twente back to the Eredivisie and back to the top 3!

HSV – Germany

Is it a mainstream club to pick? YES! Do we care? Hell no, HSV is a bad ass club! As on of the oldest clubs from Germany (officially from 1887), HSV has always been one of the biggest clubs in Germany and are even considered to be among the 20-largest football clubs in the world! Last season the club had their most disappointing seasons in the club’s history. After battling against relegation for years, the 2017/2018 season will go down in history as the year that HSV finally lost that battle. For the first time in the existence of the Bundesliga, HSV had relegated to the 2.Bundesliga. That made an end to their supremacy as HSV was the only German club never to have been relegated from the highest division.

To sum their history up a bit: HSV have been crowned as German champions six times, finishing as runners-up on 8 occasions. They also had their fair share of European succes, winning the Champions League (then called Europa Cup) in 1983. They also won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983.

You could have a lot of fun with HSV in Football Manager 2019. Obviously you are considered as one of the major contenders for the title in the 2.Bundesliga. The challenge will be a division higher. Get back in the Bundesliga, establish yourself as a steady team and then try to fight off Bayern Munich of the throne! The city of Hamburg deserves an elite club!

UD Ibiza – Spain

The second club from Spain on this list and this time it is a club from the party island of Ibiza. They were founded three years ago after UD Ibiza-Eivissa was declared bankrupt a couple of years ago. Spending some seasons in the regionals and later on the Tercera division, Ibiza have been granted a spot in the Segunda Division B for the 2018/2019 season. The club has taken the place of Lorca FC due to financial mismanagement.

Why Ibiza? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Spanish top flight club from the party island? Can you imagine to play football on Saturday evening and then go partying with David Guetta in one of the major clubs on the island? This club also has an awesome ‘Manchester City’ kind of look and feel, playing in sky blue shirts and having a blue, white and golden logo. Are you up for the challenge to create a new elite club in Spain?

Pyramids FC – Egypt

Ever played a save in Egypt? No? You really should and Pyramids FC is the club you should pick. Why? Their name, thats one. Egypt = Pyramids, so that is basically it. Other reasons: cool logo (with a sphinx!) and you have an awesome stadium in Cairo, which was built by the Egyptian air force.. Now that is a little different building story than Tottenham’s new stadium!

So, more about the club. It was founded in 2008 as Al Assiouty Sport and in 2014 the club promoted to the highest league in Egypt. A season later they relegated again, before returning to the league again in 2017. In the summer of 2018 the club switched owners and they decided to change the club’s name, appearance and crest (think you had it bad Cardiff fans? Guess again!). Pyramids FC is now in Saudi hands and is tipped to become a ‘new super club’ that will be dominating Egyptian football and African football for years to come. Has the new Manchester City or Paris Saint-Germain emerged in Egypt?

Unfortunately, Egypt isn’t included in the standard database of Football Manager 2019. You will be needing a download to open up te league. But, don’t worry about that. A download with the Egyptian leagues will be up for download soon enough!

Colo Colo – Chile

One of the most famous clubs from South America and one time Copa Libertadores winner Colo Colo has also made our list. The club was founded in 1925 (93 years ago) and has been THE biggest club in Chile since the start of their national league in 1933. Colo Colo has won 32 league titles and finished as runners-up on 20 occasions.

They also had continental succes by winning the Copa Libertadores in 1981 and they remain the only club from Chile ever to win the biggest club competition in South America. What makes it fun to play with Colo Colo is the fact you are the big team in Chile, but your big rivals Universidad de Chile and Universidad Catolica are also performing on a high level. High enough to make it challenging to win the title and try to win the Copa Libertadores once again.

But lets face it, the real reason we have them on this list is their name… Although it is actually pronounced Tcholo Tcholo, we can not look passed the fact that it looks very much like Kolo… I’m guessing you already feeling where I am heading… Kolo! Kolo Kolo! Kolo Kolo! Playing with Colo Colo will make it possible for you to continuously sing the Kolo Kolo song for 25 seasons. If you are a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer your background music has been set.

Catania – Italy

For fans of Italian football the name Catania should ring a bell. This team from the Italian island Sicily featured in the Serie A for some consecutive seasons in recent years, finishing as high as eighth during their stay in the highest tier. That finish would be in the 2012/2013 season and they only finished only a couple of points outside the spots that grant European tickets.

These days Catania’s fortunes look a lot different. Not a team that challenges for a top 10 spot in the Serie A, but fighting relegation in the Serie C. WHAT! Catania relegated from the Serie A in 2014, only a year after their historically high finish. They finished in 18th place, despite winning four of their last five games and ending only 2 points behind Sassuolo.

What happened next is typical Italian lower league football: Match fixing and some say they had connections with the Sicilian Mob. Anyhoo: In May 2015 Catania was one of 7 clubs that had been accused of match fixing. Later that year in August, Catania was found guilty after head coach and owner Antonio Pulvirenti admitted he had fixed at least five games. Catania was immediately relegated from the Serie B and put into the Serie C.

Do we really need to explain why this is a cool club to play FM2019 with? I mean: connections with the Maffia, a match fixing scandal and a freaking elephant in their club logo. This club pretty much sells itself. Try it and lead them back to the Serie A and hope you won’t find a horse’s head in your bed while you are trying…

Shanghai Shenxin FC

And to close up the list I couldn’t resist putting in a team from China. I had been thinking about a club from the Australian A-League, but seeing they won’t announce their new two clubs until the end of October I decided to go forward with a club from China. The Asian powerhouse has been shocking the football world by paying insane transfer fees and paying even more insane salary’s to players (Carlos Tevez earning 35.75M a year…FFS!). However, the Chinese government has now declared they have the intention to stop those extreme transfer fees and salary’s to focus more on developing Chinese talents. And you can’t blame them. From the 1.3 billion Chinese people there has to be at least one guy that can be a world star…

Ok, so the club. Would we pick Guangzhou or Shanghai SIPG? Nope, we decided to venture down the ladder one division and found a club called Shanghai Shenxin. Also a club from the biggest city in China with 24 million inhabitants. Then why this club? No reason actually. We thought the logo was funny, looked a bit like the logo of the French national team. Oh and of course the fact you have a club in a city with 24 million people! A lot of potential for this club to make name for themselves in Shanghai!

Are they any good? Not really. They did spend some seasons in the Chinese Super League (2010 to 2015), but never finished any higher than 7th place. Do they have any trophies? Yip, they won the China League Two in 2005 (whoopdiedoo!). So, lets sum this up: City of 24 million people, cool logo, empty trophy cabinet, fierce rivalry with Shanghai SIPG and Shanghai Shenhua and did we mention they have an awesome stadium? Some ingredients there to create a pretty cool Football Manager 2019 dynasty!


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