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  1. Een fris en nieuw topic voor FM17
  2. Gave film gezien of ben je een serie aan het volgen?
  3. So here we are, the new season is right in front of us and is about to begin. FBK Kaunas has been having some busy weeks as the club played several Friendly games, whilst welcoming some new and fresh faces. In this Update I will discuss the transfers, the results from the friendly matches we played and will look ahead to the coming season by discussing the board expectations. Happy reading! TRANSFERS Last time I said I wouldn't be doing much transfers for the first team and I have kept my promise, or at least I feel I did. Yes, we have some new faces in the team, but most players we signed are young players who will hopefully develop into first team players. We added a total of six players to the squad and I will discuss them shortly. From these six players, five of them were signed for a place on the first team. Rokas Lekiatas and Matas Bartkus are two new options to play as a Central Defender and especially Bartkus is very welcome, as he is a left-footed defender. Renaldas Stankevicius and Deividas Knezius are two central midfielders. Stankevicius will be playing as a Controlling midfielder, whilst Knezius will be our new Anchor Man just in front of the back four. Dovydas Baranauskas and Angus Kilkolly are both Wingers. Baranauskas is only 17-years-old, so I signed him with a look at the future. He has some potential and could be of some worth for this club. He signed on an amateur contract, so he won't cost us much. Finally Angus Kilkolly is the direct replacement for Alexandr Russkikh. The 20-year-old New-Zealand winger was brought to my attention by my scouts. After some intensive scouting, I decided to sign him. Great young left winger with quite some speed! FRIENDLIES Preseason in Lithuania is quite long, so I decided to play a total of eight friendlies. The results we got weren't what we would have hoped for. But then again; in my book preseason is not about results but about gaining fitness. Unfortunately the morale has not been that great after some serious losses and only two wins. Biggest loss was against Stumbras, who were relegated last season from the Lithuanian Top Division and are considered as Title favorites in the 1 Lyga where we play. So a lot of stuff to think about... EXPECTATIONS & GOALS The Board expectations did not surprise me. Last season we finished in tenth place, this season they want to see an improvement. A top half finish means finishing in eight place or higher. Looking back at last season we are definitely able to get to a top half position, but only if we manage to match the results we got last year. The board does not have any high expectations of the Lithuanian Cup and neither do I. Our main goal is the League, so we will try to survive at least one round in the cup - we enter in the third round - and then what ever happens, happens. It would be nice if we could survive a couple of rounds, but there will be no man overboard if we are out of the cup. TO CLOSE Well, result-wise we didn't had the best preseason, but I am happy we managed to get the players we wanted. The squad is stronger than last season and we will be building on that for this year. It will be exciting we can get into that top half position in the League. To really close this Update; I have been given the opportunity to get another Coaching Badge. Last season I passed for the National C Licence and this winter the club agreed to another coaching course. I am hoping to get my new badge somewhere in April! Next Update will be about the first few matches we have played. So see you next time! FOLLOW MY BLOG If you never want to miss an update in my story you can follow one of my social media accounts. For every Blog Update I create, I will post an update on either Facebook or Twitter.
  4. The new season in Lithuania is coming near and in this Blog Update I will look ahead towards a new year of football. I think it is quite obvious I will be staying at FBK Kaunas and will try to take this club to the next level. A level where this club belongs, so I have read on the internet. Because this Kaunas isn't just a simple club from Lithuania... It appears FBK Kaunas is the biggest club this nation has ever seen. WHAT??? Well let me explain with a brief history. HISTORY FBK Kaunas was originally founded in 1960 as Banga Kaunas and used to play its football in the former Sovjet Union. When Lithuania regained independence in 1991 the A Lyga was created and the would play as Bang until 1993 before the club was restructured. They changed it name to Kauno futbolo beisbolo klubas; FBK Kaunas was born. The years that would follow would be the most successful years in the clubs history. From 1999 until 2008 Kaunas won 8 League Titles, whilst finishing in second place on two occasions. The Lithuanian Cup and Lithuanian Super Cup both were won 4 times. This makes Kaunas to be the most successful club in Lithuanian football, who would have thought that! This makes it even cooler to manage this club! In 2012, after years of many financial problems and several conflicts with the Lithuanian football association, the board of Kaunas declared the club bankrupt and an era came to an end. Shortly after the bankruptcy, fans decided to form a new club under the same name; FBK Kaunas. Since then the club has been making its way up the ranking, even promoting to the highest league in 2010. Unfortunately new financial problems resulted in the Lithuanian FA to not granting them a licence in 2012, putting them back in the amateur league. In 2016 the club has returned to the 1 Lyga, finishing in 10th place under new manager Roger Speed. 2017 SEASON We leave the performances of Kaunas in the past behind us and will focus on what is ahead of us. The preseason is on our doorstep and the fans a slowly getting excited about the new season in the 1 Lyga. For Kaunas the new season will be an exciting one, as we want to take the club to the next level; the top half in the division. The expectations by the board have been made clear and they expect us to finish in the top 8 of the league. Last season we finished 8 points behind 8th place, so we have some work to do! THE SQUAD Normally I would be a manager that loves to make a lot of transfers and make lots of changes in the teams I play with. This time I have chosen not to do that. Mainly because no contracts would expire after last season, but also because the market in Lithuania is quite small and the budgets we have aren't that big. And I have to say; I have a lot of confidence in my team. We picked up an enormous amount of points when I took over, and I am very confident in the players I have. With a little more luck, we can be a top 5 team for sure. So, there will be some transfers but I won't be changing to much. My main formation will still be a counter based 4-3-3. POSITIONS TO STRENGTHEN Whilst we won't be changing the current squad much, we are obviously looking for some fresh faces. There are two positions I would like to have some extra players for. Firstly I want to sign one or two Defensive Midfielders. We currently have none and my beloved 4-3-3 needs one. I also want a new Central Midfielder to create some extra options on the midfielder. Last but not least I would never say no to a Left Attacking Midfielder to replace Alexandr Russkikh, whose abilities have been declining and who is coming close to the end of his career. TO CLOSE The preseason is coming closer and we are about to start with the official preparations for the preseason friendlies. Lets hope we can get the players we want, so that we will be ready for the start of the season. In the next episode I will present all the information about the preseason in Lithuania. FOLLOW MY BLOG If you never want to miss an update in my story you can follow one of my social media accounts. For every Blog Update I create, I will post an update on either Facebook or Twitter.
  5. How to install the Editor

    RELATED CONTENT How to install the Editor (Guide) How to add Custom Skins How to add Custom Graphics
  6. England Sky Bet League 2

    Version 1.0.0


    England Sky Bet League 2 The latest real kits of England Sky Bet League 2 clubs for the 2016/17 season in beautiful FC'12 style can be used for every Football Manager since 2009. It contains 59 real (1 alternative) kits; home, away and third for most clubs in beautiful FC'12 style. This kitpack is made by Nic from FM Slovakia, an official Slovak fan site for the game. Redistribution Policy Want to share this pack on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself, unless you have written permission from the authors. How to install Step 1 Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders. Step 2 Copy those folders to: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics\kits\ Create folders "graphics" and "kits" if they don't exist already. Step 3 Run Football Manager 2016 and go to: Preferences > Interface Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm. There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Netherlands Jupiler League 2016/17 The latest real kits of Netherlands Jupiler League clubs for the 2016/17 season in beautiful FC'12 style can be used for every Football Manager since 2009. It contains 35 real kits; home, away and third for most clubs in beautiful FC'12 style. This kitpack is made by EDEJI from FM Slovakia, an official Slovak fan site for the game. Redistribution Policy Want to share this pack on other sites? Please point the download link to this very page. You cannot host any files yourself, unless you have written permission from the authors. How to install Step 1 Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract the folders. Step 2 Copy those folders to: \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\graphics\kits\ Create folders "graphics" and "kits" if they don't exist already. Step 3 Run Football Manager 2016 and go to: Preferences > Interface Make sure that you tick the check box on the page called 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences' and un-tick then box saying 'Use caching to decrease page loading times'. Hit Confirm. There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'. Once this is done your graphics should be working within the game.
  8. My first season as manager of FBK Kaunas has come to an end, so it is time for us to look back at the last few matches and see where we have finished on the table. In the last update I expressed the wish to catch up with the teams that were above us and I wanted to get a bigger gap with the teams that were below us. RESULTS In the last update our results were starting to get very positive. We managed a couple of wins and we were performing remarkably well. With these results we managed to pick up four straight wins, a unique set of results for Kaunas this season. Unfortunately we weren't able to keep our form alive and seeing the opponents we had that hasn't surprised me at all. Palenga has finished in second place and has way more quality than us. But we also managed to pick up some points against teams like Krazante and Vytis, so in the end I am very satisfied with the results we got. The only result that bothered me was the 1-0 away loss at Nevezis. We deserved a point from that game, so a small loss was a bitter result to take. LEAGUE TABLE We have finished in the position that we have started in; tenth place. But to stay positive; we managed to close an eight point gap with Nevezis, even battling them for ninth place. And we managed to stay ahead of the relegation zone, increasing the gap from 9 points to a whopping 28 points at the end. And to stay even more positive: we picked up 22 points in the games I managed since taking over. The same amount of points as Palanga and Banga, two clubs which were fighting for promotion! The only club that has picked up more points than us is Silas, the League champions. They picked up 25 points. TO CLOSE I managed to meet the expectations of the board by finishing in tenth place. I am a happy manager here and I am motivated to take Kaunas to the next level and into the top 10 next season. Only thing is, my contract is set to expire in a couple of weeks and up until now the board has not made any moves to extend that deal. But I am an experienced FM-player and know these offers could follow in the last moments. To make clear; it is my intention to stay on for another season. But that will be something for the next Blog Update, which I hope to make somewhere during the weekend. FOLLOW MY BLOG If you never want to miss an update in my story you can follow one of my social media accounts. For every Blog Update I create, I will post an update on either Facebook or Twitter.
  9. Players you do NOT want to sign

    Have you ever signed a player for millions who then gets injured and never plays? It could be one of the biggest frustrations on Football Manager. Off course; sometimes this could be just bad luck, but some players have the tendency to get injured more often than others. That are the players who have a high Injury Proneness. WHAT IS INJURY PRONENESS? Injury Proneness is a hidden attribute on Football Manager and can only be spotted by scouting a player or looking at a players Pros and Cons report card. The attributes can vary like all the other attributes between 1 and 20. In this special case, having a low value is positive, a high value is negative. The higher the value, the higher the chance for a player to pick up an injury. THE LIST The list you see below contains a series of players with a HIGH Injury Proneness value of at least 18. That makes the players on the list a big risk when signing for either a large fee or a long-term high paid contract. Our advice would be; avoid signing these players, because they will frustrate you by picking up injury after injury. And if you are managing the club they play for; sell them as quickly as possible! Name Club Nation Age Position Quiroga, Raúl Atl. Unión (VK) ARG 27 AM (L) Blanco, Domingo Independiente ARG 21 AM (RLC) Suárez, Matías Belgrano ARG 28 AM (RLC), ST (C) Menseguez, Juan Carlos Juv. Unida (Gualeguaychú) ARG 32 AM (RL), ST (C) Gioda, Leandro Douglas Haig ARG 31 SW, D (C) Romagnoli, Leandro San Lorenzo ARG 35 AM (LC) Aimar, Pablo Estudiantes (Río IV) ARG 36 AM (C) Williams, Rhys Perth Glory AUS 27 D (C), DM D'Haene, Karel - BEL 35 SW, D (C) Timmermans, Nicolas Eupen BEL 33 D (RC) Legear, Jonathan Standard BEL 29 AM (R) Matton, Thomas AA Gent BEL 30 AM (RLC) De Petter, Steven STVV BEL 30 D (C), DM Colpaert, Steve Antwerp BEL 29 D (RC), DM Adriano Miami United BRA 34 ST (C) Jajá Coelho Lokeren BRA 30 AM (LC), ST (C) Sandro QPR BRA 27 DM Gabriel - BRA 27 D (C) Júlio Baptista Orlando City BRA 34 AM/ST (C) Soumahoro, Yaya Muangthong Utd CIV 26 AM (RLC), ST (C) Chago, Mathias Foulad CMR 33 DM Lépicier, Maël Roeselare COD 30 D (C) Rivas, Nelson - COL 33 SW, D (RC) Andreasen, Leon - DEN 33 D (C), DM Rise, Lasse Lyngby DEN 30 AM (RL), ST (C) Pedersen, Nicklas Oostende DEN 28 AM/ST (C) Hibbert, Tony - ENG 35 D (R) Richards, Micah Aston Villa ENG 28 D (RC) Guthrie, Danny Blackburn ENG 28 M (C) Hutchinson, Sam Sheff Wed ENG 26 D (C), DM Wallace, James Sheff Utd ENG 24 DM Markel Real San Sebastián ESP 30 DM Pander, Christian - GER 32 D/WB/AM (L) Bargfrede, Philipp Bremen GER 27 DM Kittel, Sonny Ingolstadt GER 23 AM (RLC) Khedira, Sami Juventus GER 29 DM Asamoah, Kwadwo Juventus GHA 27 WB (L), M (LC) Gibson, Darron Everton IRL 28 DM Brighi, Matteo Perugia ITA 35 DM Chihi, Adil Frankfurt Erlenbruch MOR 28 AM (RL) Boerrigter, Derk - HOL 29 AM (L) Obasi, Chinedu AIK NGA 30 AM (RL), ST (C) Anichebe, Victor Sunderland NGA 28 ST (C) Etuhu, Dickson AIK NGA 34 DM Santa Cruz, Roque Olimpia PAR 34 ST (C) Marques, André - POR 28 D/M (L) Ferreira, Flávio - POR 24 D (C), DM Salomão, Diogo Mallorca POR 27 AM (RL), ST (C) Sheppard, Dillon Wits RSA 37 D/WB/M (L) Pienaar, Steven Sunderland RSA 34 AM (RLC) Forrest, James Celtic SCO 24 AM (RL) Bolat, Sinan Nacional da Madeira TUR 27 GK Korkishko, Dmytro Chornomorets UKR 26 AM (RLC), ST (C) Martínez, Jorge Juventud de Las Piedras URU 33 AM (RLC), ST (C) Williams, Jonny Ipswich WAL 22 AM (C)
  10. Gianluigi Donnarumma

    GIANLUIGI DONNARUMMA AC MILAN (View club profile) GOALKEEPER AGE 17 (25/02/1999) NATIONALITY ITALY (0 CAPS) HEIGHT / WEIGHT 196 cm / 90 kg VALUE € 8.250.000 WAGE € 5.750 p/w CONTRACT 30/06/2018 TRANSFER INFO Gianliuigi Donnarumma’s Transfer Fee will vary in every save you play. We have seen games where the young Italian goalkeeper gets a transfer for 15M and we have seen saves where AC Milan refuses to let him go and will ask a price higher than 100M. If you are lucky enough, you will be playing a save where Milan needs some cash and accept bids from 15M up to 25/30M. STRENGTHS Donnarumma’s biggest strength is his quality compared to his age. He is 17-years-old an already one of the better goalkeepers in the game. He will have no trouble playing at a club like Milan and could easily be the first goalkeeper at one of the big clubs in the Premier League or Spain. And the best thing is; he will develop even further and will become the best goalkeeper in the game in almost every save you play. His best Attributes from the start are: Command of Area, Handling, Reflexes and Jumping Reach. WEAKNESSES Donnarumma is a great goalkeeper, but will have some trouble playing as a Ball Playing Goalkeeper. If you like the build-up of your team to start at the goalkeeper, Donnarumma isn’t the best choice. He is a bad passer and lacks the Attributes to stay calm and build-up play. And his lack of Speed could prove to be dangerous is you play a high defensive line. Although he is good in One-on-Ones, his lack of speed could hurt your team. 2016 2021 2026
  11. Anthony Martial

    ANTHONY MARTIAL MANCHESTER UNITED (View club profile) WINGER AGE 20 (05/12/1995) NATIONALITY FRANCE (12 CAPS) HEIGHT / WEIGHT 181 cm / 76 kg VALUE € 36.000.000 WAGE € 130.000 p/w CONTRACT 30/06/2019 TRANSFER INFO Anthony Martial has been one of the bigger Wonderkids in the last few versions of Football Manager and the French Winger has developed himself into one heck of a player. He has a long term contract at Manchester United, which makes him very expensive. Expect a fee around 70 or even 80M. In our Scout save he was transferred to Manchester City for a whopping 85M. STRENGTHS Martial has all the abilities to be one of the best wingers in the game, and actually he already is one of the best. Good thing about the French international is his versatility, he can play as a (lone) striker as well. Ideally; partner Martial up with Memphis Depay and Marcus Rashford at Manchester United and you won’t be needing any new attackers for the first couple of years in FM17. Martial’s best abilities are Dribbling, Technique, Acceleration, Agility and Pace. WEAKNESSES There aren’t much weaknesses for a player like Anthony Martial. Despite him being only 20-years-old, he is considered to be one of the best wingers in the game and will only become better. If there would be one thing to point out, it is his Heading, which isn’t that great. 2016 2021 2026
  12. Ousmane Dembele

    OUSMANE DEMBELE BORUSSIA DORTMUND (View club profile) WINGER AGE 19 (15/05/1997) NATIONALITY FRANCE (0 CAPS) HEIGHT / WEIGHT 178 cm / 64 kg VALUE € 25.000.000 WAGE € 58.000 p/w CONTRACT 30/06/2021 TRANSFER INFO Ousmane Dembele is a fresh signing at Borussia Dortmund, which makes him unavailable during the first transfer window. But after the first season the young French winger is one of the most wanted players in the game. His amazing potential will have a lot of clubs interested. Fees vary from 35M up to 65M. In our Scout save he went back to his home country, as Paris Saint-Germain paid 75M for Dembele during the 2019 summer window. STRENGTHS Dembele is a real winger and possesses a great deal of pace, agility and flair. A big Pro for Dembele is the fact he can use either foot. That makes him a versatile player, which you can use on either the left or the right side of the pitch. His best Attributes are Dribbling, Technique, Flair, Acceleration and Pace. WEAKNESSES Dembele lacks some of the typical abilities you see at other wingers as well. He isn’t the strongest player, he lacks Bravery, Concentration, Team Work and Work Rate. Some of these attributes will develop over time, but it is advised to have Dembele Tutored by one of the more experiences players in your squad. Profiles 2016 2021 2026
  13. Marco Asensio

    MARCO ASENSIO REAL MADRID (View club profile) ATTACKING MIDFIELDER AGE 20 (21/01/1996) NATIONALITY SPAIN (1 CAPS) HEIGHT / WEIGHT 181 cm / 70 kg VALUE € 15.750.000 WAGE € 17.250 p/w CONTRACT 30/06/2021 TRANSFER INFO Marco Asensio is one of the best Attacking Midfielders under the age of 21 and has the potential to be the best AMC in Football Manager 2017. He has a long term contract at Real Madrid and you will need to pay at least 60M to lure him away. In our Test Save he transferred to Manchester United and the English giants paid 92M for him when he was 24 years old. STRENGTHS Asensio is very versatile and can play in more than one position. He is a real dribbler and loves to challenge his opponent using his technique and flair. His best Attributes are Dribbling, First Touch, Passing and Technique. WEAKNESSES Asensio tends to dwell on the ball a bit. He loves to make a lot of runs with the ball and that could result in him overlooking some of his teammates. He could use some improvements on the Mental side of his game. Concentration, Positioning, Team Work and Work Rate are all Attributes that need improving. A tip would be to Tutor him by a more experienced player. 2016 2021 2026
  14. LEAGUE RESULTS I have managed 5 games since I signed for Kaunas and the results have been encouraging. My debut was an important win over Hegelmann. The win gave us a large lead over them, making sure relegation would be off the table for us. We then played away at Panevezys and recorded a 1-0 loss. Not a fair result if I’m honest. We should have taken the lead in the second half, but we missed a penalty and hit the crossbar from a certain goal position. They scored the only goal of the game in the final ten minutes. Match number three was a 1-1 draw against Lokomotyvas and we had to thank ourselves for not winning that game. We were the better side and got a 1-0 lead in the 82nd minute. After that we should have kept the lead, but an error after 88 minutes go them the late equalizer. After the game I made my feelings quite clear to the team and they responded very well. We played against Zalgiris, who are in last place, and we got a good win. Both goals came in the first half. Only point of criticism is the lack of goals. Our first half was excellent, but during the second half we got sloppy and thought the game was in the bag. Even though we kept a clean sheet, we should have performed much better. The final result of the month was the result I was most proud of. We played Banga, who were in second place at the time of the game. We grabbed two excellent goals and got a well-deserved win in the end. A wonderful result for us and it shows this team has a lot more potential than it has been showing up till now. For me as a manager this gives me hope for next season, knowing the team has the quality to beat the top teams. TABLE We remain on a steady 10th position on the table and that is what I expected beforehand. We can almost sit back and finish the season in a relaxing way as the gap between us and the relegation zone is 18 points. In the final games of the season I hope to keep picking up some points, hoping we could close the gap between us and 9th place. TRANSFERS We picked up two new players this summer and both players are Right Wingers. I want to play an offensive 4-3-3 (with a DM) and the squad lacked decent right midfielders. By adding these two guys to the team we have added some quality to the team, making it possible for me to play the tactics and formation I love. STAFF When I joined Kaunas earlier this month, the club did not have any backroom staff members besides the chairman and my assistant manager. One of my first tasks as the new manager was signing some decent staff members. After a month I am happy to announce that we have a full staff at Kaunas, with the most important positions covered. I signed a coach, two scouts and a physio, maxing out the available positions. My next aim is to convince the board to give me an extra coach, so we could improve the quality of our training. At the moment our Aerobic and Fitness Categories are the only ones that are at an acceptable level. Could be I will look for a Tactical Coach, as some of the players have been showing their concern about it. COACHING COURSE Whilst cruising through my first month I got a message in my inbox with the suggestion one of my coaches should be sent on a coaching course. Well ok, let me try to convince the board… Surprisingly enough they accepted the coaching course, even paying for it. Thought I would try the same for myself and again the board was very happy to help out. So, at my second club I am able to follow a Coaching course to obtain my first license as a manager! Now let’s hope my alter ego will complete the course… TO CLOSE Looking back at my first month in charge of FBK Kaunas I am a happy manager. We picked up several wins and have created a big gap with the teams that are lower on the table. But there is also a downside and that is the gap with the teams in front of us. We are flying solo this season, probably finishing right in the middle of a large point-gap between 9th and 11th place. The only thing I can do is finish the season and hope for an awesome off-season and push this team into the top 10 next season! FOLLOW MY BLOG If you never want to miss an update in my story you can follow one of my social media accounts. For every Blog Update I create, I will post an update on either Facebook or Twitter.
  15. Congrats with the first Cup win. Too bad you lost the 2nd one. You deserved more than the 1 goal in that one!
  16. What does a player's skill build from in Football Manager? What does CA and PA mean? And what are these black and gold stars? These are just a few questions we see a lot on our community pages. In this guide we will try to answer these questions and by the time you have finished reading, you will know exactly how the ability system works in Football Manager. To determine a player's (and backroom staff's) quality, Football Manager uses two sets of numbers. The first is the Current Ability (CA), which reflects the ability they have now, and second is the Potential Ability (PA), which reflects the maximum possible ability they can reach in the future. Both the CA and PA have a range between 0 and 200, with 0 being a nobody and 200 being a god-like player. CURRENT ABILITY Current Ability is the level a player is currently at. The values are almost always pre-determined in the pre-game editor by the researchers at Sports Interactive. But there are some (mostly lesser known players and/or youngsters) who do not have a starting value set (this will be 0). This means that their Current Ability is random and will be different every time you load up a new save. The Current Ability value is a dynamic value, as it can either improve or decline depending on a players development and/or age (older players abilities usually tend to decline). POTENTIAL ABILITY The Potential Ability of a player will determine the maximum possible level a player can reach. Keep in mind, this is how far they can go, not necessarily how far they will go. A player reaching their maximum potential will depend on their age and development during the game. The Potential Ability value is a static value which is determined every time you start a new save. A player's development during your game can never change the level of his Potential Ability. NEGATIVE POTENTIAL ABILITY So how is it possible that Gianluigi Donnarumma is a god in one save I play, but is a lower league-skilled player in a different save? This is because of his negative Potential Ability. This is best explained as an ability range. The Potential Ability is a fixed value, but the negative is dynamic and will vary from game to game. When you start a new save, the negative number decides the range. For example Gianluigi Donnarumma has a negative Potential Ability of -10. This means his fixed Potential Ability value will be between 170 and 200. A player that has a -7 Potential Ability will have a value between 110 and 140. In Football Manager 2016 even more negative abilities were introduced. Where the old FMs had -10,-9,-8 and on, FM16 introduced the halves; -95, -85, -75. This has made the diversity of the game even greater. The negative abilities will always have a range of 30 points. To explain it even better: NEGATIVE ABILITY RANGES -10 = 170-200 -95 = 160-190 -9 = 150-180 -85 = 140-170 -8 = 130-160 -75 = 120-150 -7 = 110-140 -65 = 100-130 -6 = 90-120 -55 = 80-110 -5 = 70-100 -45 = 60-90 -4 = 50-80 -35 = 40-70 -3 = 30-60 -25 = 20-50 -2 = 10-40 -15 = 0-30 -1 = 0-20 ABILITY STARS In Football Manager your scouts and other backroom staff members will give stars to players, which should give you a view of a player's current and potential ability. This rangers from 1 up to 5 stars, with the possibility of half stars (2.5 etc.), so you actually have 10 levels. There are two types of stars: Gold Silver The gold ability stars are given to first team players, while silver stars are given to the youngest players (mostly in your U19, U18 etc.). This is to make the ability of younger players easier to compare. The stars in Football Manager are a bit misleading. The amount of stars that a player has will depend on several things like: The ability of the staff members to judge current and potential ability The overall level of your squad The level of the competition you are playing in The form a player is in This could result in your backroom staff giving you the wrong idea about the current and potential ability of a player. For example, a player that has 2 or 3 stars could still be a potential World Class player. BLACK STARS The black stars in a Player Profile represent a backroom staff member’s uncertainty regarding a player’s current or potential ability. For example a young player could have 2 or 3 black stars because your staff isn’t sure of his maximum potential. Please note: If you have the ‘Attribute Masking’ option turned on, the black stars will also be used for the player’s Current Ability. The black stars will diminish as your backroom staff gains knowledge of the player, although the potential ability stars will still remain.
  17. A topic for news concerning Football Manager Inside.
  18. NEWSFLASH! FMI SIGNS LEACHYBOY From today Elliot Leach aka Leachyboy will assist the backroom staff at FMInside. He will be concentrating mostly on editing our Tactical Guides, correcting my poor English grammar and spelling. We welcome Elliot to the team and hope for a long and successful period.
  19. Looking good!
  20. Opposition Instructions

    Opposition instructions are a powerful tool to counter the threat of your opposition in Football Manager. The instructions you give before a game will act as an extension to the player instructions you have set in your own tactics. There are different ways to set the opposition instructions and in this guide we will explain what they do and different ways to set them. Although setting opposition instructions could be a good way to take out any of your opponent's star players, it could also create a flaw in your own tactics. Before you think about setting opposition instructions, make sure your players are able to follow the instructions you'd like to set. For example, if you want your team to go in hard on a specific player, make sure any of your players playing in that area are able to tackle well. If this is not the case, you could be committing a lot of unnecessary fouls and picking up a lot of cards. You should also make sure not to set too many opposition instructions. That way, you prevent players from moving far out of position, creating gaps and space for your opponent to exploit. If you were to win back the ball, your players would then be out of position and not able to properly follow team/player instructions, which will cause your tactic to fail. TYPES OF OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS There are two types of opposition instructions: Player Opposition Instructions These are used if you want to mark or cover a specific player, for example a star player of your opponent. Positional Opposition Instructions These are used if you want to mark or cover a specific position, regardless of the player in that position. IMPORTANT Specific Player Instructions will always override Positional Instructions. You can therefore set some positional instructions as a guideline and use specific player instructions if you want your team to make a few changes for a certain player. TIGHT MARKING This will instruct your players to mark even closer while marking a player. ALWAYS Use this instruction against players who love to work with open space. For example, midfielders who play in a Playmaker role or Attackers that are proven goal scorers. You don’t want to give these players too much space, so mark them closely at all times. NEVER Set the marking to Never if you encounter a player that has much more speed than the player you have defending him. Marking him too closely will result in the faster player having more space to run into. It's better to leave these players some space in front of your defender, so the defender has a bit of a head-start if the attacker decides to run. Also it could be useful for an opposition that has poor creativity, technique or ball control. Not marking a specific player could force your opponent to give him the ball, as he is the only one with enough free space. That way you can force your opponent into making poor decisions. CLOSING DOWN This will instruct your players to close down opponents as they receive the ball. ALWAYS Closing down a player who is nervous can be very effective. You will put him under pressure, forcing him to make a choice. The immediate pressure will force the nervous player to make a panicked decision, which will often be a poor one. Look for players with player traits like Dwells on Ball or Stops Play. By putting these players under pressure you could force them to make a bad choice. If you're facing a lone striker with little support from his fellow teammates, put him under pressure. He won't be able to keep the ball or pass it due to the lack of support. Last but not least, look to close down players with poor technical attributes like Creativity, Passing, Decisions, First Touch and Composure. Putting them under pressure can force them into mistakes. NEVER Could be useful if an opposition player is a Speedy Dribbler, but a poor decision maker. The player may freeze up with the space you give him, not knowing what to do with such a lack of pressure. It may also be useful to never close down a poor player if they are surrounded by more dangerous players in other positions. That way you can instruct your players to concentrate more on the higher quality players instead of the poor player. This may force the poor player to be the only passing option for the higher quality players. Once he receives the ball, he will have a higher chance of making a mistake which may gift you possession of the ball. TACKLING This will determine how aggressively you want an opponent to be tackled when in possession. HARD Could be useful to ‘scare’ an opponent. Look for players with low Aggression, Bravery, Composure, Determination and Work Rate. It may also work against a player that is a good passer or crosser, but lacks mobility. By going in hard on him, you can neutralize him by exploiting his flaws. Tired players or players that have picked up a knock are also good choices. It's a bit mean, but tired players have an increased likelihood to get injured, whilst a player that has a knock could be forced out of the game by a hard tackle. EASY Could be effective against a player that has better mobility or Dribbling ability than the player you have covering him. Going in too hard could result in fouls and cards, so it is better to be a bit more careful when tackling these sorts of players. NORMAL If you want to alter the tackling instructions for your entire team for a specific player. For example, when using the Get Stuck In team instruction, your players will tackle harder in general. By adding the Normal (or Easy) instruction you will alter that for a specific player or position. SHOW ONTO FOOT This will instruct your players to force their opponent onto a specific side. Ideally you would like the player to be forced onto his weaker foot. LEFT FOOT / RIGHT FOOT This can be useful if an opponent’s Strong Foot is Left Only or Right Only. That way you can force a player to move onto his weaker foot, making him less effective. But you can also use this to force a player to the outside or inside of the pitch. A left footed left winger might be less effective on the outside as he will be restricted to attempting a cross or passing the ball backwards. But be careful doing this; your central defenders need to be capable of dealing with the crosses. WEAKER FOOT This can be useful for players who are in the center of the pitch (a midfielder or striker). But be careful of players who can shoot/pass with both feet. This can also prove to be useful against wide players who play on the side of their stronger foot, if you're playing a team whose striker has better aerial abilities than your defenders. That way you can limit the amount of crosses towards their striker, making the wide player less effective. SETTING INSTRUCTIONS Before every game you play you have the option to set the opposition instructions for that game. PRE GAME You can either check all the opposition players manually and set the instructions yourself, or you can ask one of your backroom staff to set them for you. Who you pick is up to you. There is a dropdown menu from which you can choose the coach you would like to set the instructions for you. If you use this, make sure the coach/assistant has high Tactical Knowledge and Judging Ability. AUTOMATICALLY You can also set the opposition instructions automatically, by using the backroom staff responsibilities and assigning this category to a coach or your assistant manager. As before, the coach/assistant needs high Tactical Knowledge and Judging Ability. STANDARD INSTRUCTIONS The final option available is the Standard Opposition Instruction. Look for the Opposition Instructions tab in your tactics screen and you will find a pitch with all the possible positions available in Football Manager. Here you can set Standard Positional Opposition Instructions. For example; you always want to put pressure on the opponents Central Defenders or you always want to show a Winger onto his wrong foot. Setting standard instructions could be very useful, as you will never forget to set instructions before a game and your players will learn to adapt to the opposition instructions you expect from them. But remember what we mentioned at the start: don’t overuse opposition instructions as too many can ruin the structure of your team and tactics. RELATED ARTICLES How to pick your captain Signing Scouts on FM How to create a basic tactic How to set up 5 Star Training
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