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  1. Een fris en nieuw topic voor FM17
  2. Site & Forum Feedback
  3. Football Manager You dont open the file, you save it in the Tactics folder in your FM17 folder inside 'my documents'. And then you import it into FM17,
  4. SKIN UPDATE Hey guys, we have just released a skin update for FMInside. Pro for the new skin is the responsiveness for mobile and tablet. We have also added some new features to our homepage, which are visible from now on. New is the sticky header, which allow you to navigate more easy and the introduction of a FMInside footer with some cool information. Other improvements are made on the Player Guide section, which gives a better responsive profile and some easy to use basic information. Also a new way to upload player profiles, which will make it a lot easier for us to upload new players to the database. We are still updating the old ones too, so you could experience some errors whilst looking at the players in our database. We hope you guys like the improved skin and would love to hear any feedback if you encounter some problems.
  5. A topic for news concerning Football Manager Inside.
  6. Gave film gezien of ben je een serie aan het volgen?