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  1. Football Manager You dont open the file, you save it in the Tactics folder in your FM17 folder inside 'my documents'. And then you import it into FM17,
  2. When starting a save in one of the countries in the United Kingdom you have to keep in mind that you are not able to sign every single player on the planet. Players that are from outside the European Union are prohibited to obtain a Work Permit, so they are allowed to play football. In this Guide we give you some hints and tips about this subject, which could help you attract non-EU players much easier and could help you after Brexit has been launched in the game. Work permits are given to players for various reasons. Obviously players from within the European Union don’t need a permit to play football in the United Kingdom (pre-Brexit), but when you want to get that South-American or African player, you will need to apply for a Work Permit. Things that are considered before granting a Work Permit are: If the player has played at least 75% of the games for their national team in the last two years and the players’ country has to be ranked 70th or higher on the FIFA Ranking. A players’ injury proneness. If a player has a wide history of injuries, it will be less likely a Work Permit is granted. Young players who haven’t been playing for the national team will have more difficulties obtaining a Work Permit, although some players who are referred to as ‘Wonderkids’ could get one. Second nationality. A lot of Non-EU countries had a link with a country in Europe for various reasons. Think about Brazil and Portugal, Argentina and Italy and Senegal and France. So if you are looking at players from other continents, make sure to check their possible second nationalities as well! All other players who don’t apply for a Work Permit will need to figure another way to obtain one. The best and most easy way to meet the requirements for a Work Permit is obtaining a second nationality. We will explain how to do this and give you the countries and clubs that would be a good choice. HOW DO I KNOW IF A PLAYER NEEDS A WORK PERMIT? All players from countries that aren't a member of the European Union need a Work Permit. But if you aren't sure, you could send out a scout to have a closer look at the player. In the report the Scout will tell you if the player needs a Work Permit, but he will also tell you if the player will be able to get one or he will fail to gain one. EASIEST WAY TO GET WORK PERMITS First of all, make sure you get your board to allow you a Feeder Club from countries that have the possibility to obtain a second nationality in the shortest amount of time. Good choices would be: Spain Any player that is from South America, the Philippines or Equatorial Guinea can get a Spanish passport in 2 years’ time. Belarus Any player from any country can get the Belarussian nationality in just three years. Serbia From 2022 and on any player from any country can get the Serbian passport in just three years. Bulgaria Any player from any country can get the Bulgarian nationality in just three years. Croatia Any player from any country can get the Croatian nationality in just two years, but will have to be able to speak basic Croatian to quality. Belgium Any player from any country can get the Belgian nationality in just three years, but the player will have to be able to speak basic Dutch or French. After your board has allowed you to pick a club from one of the following countries, you should be focusing on the Facilities at those clubs and pick the one with the best Facilities available. Your player will be spending a couple of seasons at that club, so you want him to train and develop into a better player. Good facilities are vital for that. Looking back at the list with countries we have written down, we have selected the best clubs from these countries that would be a good pick to send out young players for obtaining a work permit. SPAIN Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Valencia, Espanyol BELARUS BATE Borisov, Dinamo Minsk SERBIA Partizan Belgrado, Crvena Zvezda, Vojvodina BULGARIA Ludogorets, Levski Sofia, CSKA Sofia CROATIA NK Rijeka, Dinamo Zagreb, Hajduk Split BELGIUM Anderlecht, Racing Genk, Standard Liege RELATED CONTENT The top 80 Brexit-Proof Players in Football Manager 2017
  3. SKIN UPDATE Hey guys, we have just released a skin update for FMInside. Pro for the new skin is the responsiveness for mobile and tablet. We have also added some new features to our homepage, which are visible from now on. New is the sticky header, which allow you to navigate more easy and the introduction of a FMInside footer with some cool information. Other improvements are made on the Player Guide section, which gives a better responsive profile and some easy to use basic information. Also a new way to upload player profiles, which will make it a lot easier for us to upload new players to the database. We are still updating the old ones too, so you could experience some errors whilst looking at the players in our database. We hope you guys like the improved skin and would love to hear any feedback if you encounter some problems.