Best Fitness Coaches

Keeping your players fit during a long and hard season could be a difficult task for you as a manager. That is why having a good coaching team is vital! Signing Fitness coaches is therefore very important if you want your squad to fight for trophies. We have selected the best coaches available on FM17 for the two fitness coach positions: Strength and Aerobic.


We made this list selecting the following filters:

  • Job Preference: Coach
  • Fitness coaching: 16 or higher
  • Determination: 14 or higher
  • Level of Discipline: 14 or higher
  • Motivating: 14 or higher


Name Team Age Nation Wage p/w
Santella, Julio - 70 bra.png ARG 0
Mackey, Martín 1487.png Newell's 42 bra.png ARG 1.550
Harbin, John 1487.png Northampton 69 bra.png ENG 810
Hannoset, Siebe - 29 bra.png BEL 0
Paulo Paixão - 65 bra.png BRA 0
Anselmo Sbragia 1487.png Bahia 43 bra.png BRA 950
Eduardo Silva - 45 bra.png BRA 0
Omar Feitosa 1487.png Palmeiras 49 bra.png BRA 1.160
Antônio Mello - 68 bra.png BRA 0
Otávio de Vilhena 1487.png Palmeiras 42 bra.png BRA 0
Bottino, Altamiro Albernaz 1487.png Palmeiras 56 bra.png BRA 2.520
Vinícius Martins 1487.png Palmeiras 48 bra.png BRA 0
Carravetta, Élio 1487.png Internacional 54 bra.png BRA 1.090
Riva Carli - 63 bra.png BRA 0
Campeiz, José Mário 1487.png Sao Paulo 54 bra.png BRA 1.020
de Souza, Juvenilson 1487.png Atletico Mineiro 44 bra.png BRA 1.110
Ernesto Baroni 1487.png Recife 41 bra.png BRA 1.110
Darlan Schneider 1487.png Guangzhou 52 bra.png BRA 460
Sheytanov, Lyubomir 1487.png Ludogorets 54 bra.png BUL 260
Norman, Darcy 1487.png Roma 44 bra.png CAN 13.400
Gant, Craig 1487.png Arsenal 46 bra.png ENG 1.740
Colbert, Tony 1487.png Arsenal 53 bra.png ENG 2.780
Bartlett, Oliver 1487.png Leverkusen 47 bra.png ENG 4.000
Lambert, Philippe - 53 bra.png FRA 0
Ehrmann, Gerald 1487.png Kaiserslautern 57 bra.png GER 2.000
Zetlmeisl, Markus 1487.png Schalke 04 49 bra.png GER 1.500
Wilhelmi, Thomas 1487.png Bayern 49 bra.png GER 1.920
Papadopoulos, Christos 1487.png Stuttgart 51 bra.png GRE 2.000
Weiss, Ronen - 39 bra.png ISR 0
Sassi, Roberto 1487.png Juventus 65 bra.png ITA 4.040
Bordon, Claudio - 64 bra.png ITA 0
Andorlini, Alberto 1487.png Udinese 63 bra.png ITA 2.270
Bisciotti, Giannicola 1487.png Inter 56 bra.png ITA 5.210
Pondrelli, Giuseppe 1487.png Watford 46 bra.png ITA 5.800
Rapetti, Stefano 1487.png Sampdoria 39 bra.png ITA 3.020
Folletti, Simone 1487.png Juventus 43 bra.png ITA 4.040
Savoia, Cristian - 30 bra.png ITA 0
Monteiro, Mário 1487.png Sporting 52 bra.png POR 4.520
Buenaventura, Lorenzo 1487.png Man City 53 bra.png ESP 1.880
Ismael Fernández - 39 bra.png ESP 0
Margallo, Kike - 37 bra.png ESP 0
Amado, Marcos 1487.png A. Bilbao 41 bra.png ESP 4.310
Piri, Scott - 47 bra.png USA 0
Turrén, Modesto - 63 bra.png URU 0
Ortega, Óscar 1487.png A. Madrid 58 bra.png URU 5.300


Make sure to check out our other Best Coaches Shortlists. We currently have all categories covered, so make sure to check the positions you need to fill to get the most out of training on your FM17 save.


When you have signed the coaches you want, make sure to apply our 5 Star Training Guide  and our Team Training Guide to maximize performances.


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